December 18, 2010

Texas Rangers Baked Eggs - RECIPE CORRECTION

I was making the Texas Rangers Baked Eggs tonight for a church breakfast and realized I'd left off one of the ingredients!  You need to add 1 pound of small-curd cottage cheese to the recipe.  I have corrected the recipe on my blog so you can just print it out again. I'm so sorry about this. It'll probably turn out okay without the cottage cheese, but then again, it might be a little soupy! 

I had bought the cottage cheese for the recipe and as I was mixing it, having printed out the recipe from my computer, I thought, "where's the cottage cheese?" So I looked up the recipe in the book I found it in and sure enough, there was supposed to be cottage cheese!

Anna Kathryn

1 comment:

Marie Higgins said...

Thank you! I'm sure it wouldn't have tasted right without it.