January 31, 2009

Western Words - answers

Okay, I did put the answers as a comment on my blog, but thought this would be better for all. The winner of my drawing was . Congrats! She won a copy of SALVATION BRIDE.

1. Daniel Boones
C. a contemptuous term given the long-haired pseudo scouts and would-be bad men

2. kack
J. slang for saddle

3. pooch
A. the name of a dish made of sugar, tomatoes and bread

4. buttermilk
G. a motherless calf

5. one-eyed scribe
B. slang name for a six-gun

6. dusted
F. thrown from a horse

7. top off
I. to ride first, to take the rough edges off a horse

8. high lonesome
D. a big drunk

9. woolies
E. a common name for sheep

10. slope (oops,I misspelled this on the test. Sorry.)
H. to go

Anna Kathryn

January 23, 2009

The Friday Record - Words of the Old West

Words of the Old West....Test Your Knowledge.

So, here's a pop quiz. These words are from WESTERN WORDS: A Dictionary of the Old West by Ramon F. Adams. I'll list the words, followed by the definitions. Can you match them up? On Sunday, I'll draw from everyone who gives it a try....even if you're not 100% correct, and the winner will receive a copy of SALVATION BRIDE.

Just write the Letter next to the Number, for example 12 Z, 13 X 14 T. Good luck. LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL, SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU WIN THE DRAWING.

1. Daniel Boones
2. kack
3. pooch
4. buttermilk
5. one-eyed scribe
6. dusted
7. top off
8. high lonesome
9. woolies
10. slop

A. the name of a dish made of sugar, tomatoes and bread
B. slang name for a six-gun
C. a contemptuous term given the long-haired pseudo scouts and would-be bad men
D. a big drunk
E. a common name for sheep
F. thrown from a horse
G. a motherless calf
H. to go
I. to ride first, to take the rough edges off a horse
J. slang for saddle

Anna Kathryn

January 22, 2009

Release Party Grand Prize Winner

Congratulation to Amy S. She's the grand prize winner....she'll receive a copy of THE PRICELESS GIFT, A COWBOY'S DREAM and SALVATION BRIDE, as well as $10 gift certificate for The Wild Rose Press.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and posted about my blogs and SALVATION BRIDE.

Don't forget to stop by my website, http://www.aklanier.com/, and leave a message in my guest book. The January prize is a copy of SALVATION BRIDE.

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She rode into town for her own deliverance, but will Doctor Laura Ashton heal Sheriff David Slade’s pain before the dark secret in her past turns up to steal his Salvation Bride?

It's a day late due to computer difficulties, but The Wild Rose Press has released SAVLAVTION BRIDE! And because I bought some copies, it's already No. 4 on the weekly top ten. Whooo Hooo!

"SALVATION BRIDE carried me away for an afternoon and I loved every word. From the beautifully written love scenes to the emotional turmoil each character experienced, I felt each and every sensation. This truly is a wonderful book." ~ Natasha at Romance Junkies, a Four Ribbon Review


So, stopy by The Wild Rose Press and get your copy today. http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1126&zenid=c53b84c4a40313de22cfd024e818f8f7

Anna Kathryn

January 21, 2009

Texas and the Civil War

David was not only a Confederate Soldier during the Civil War, but a POW as well. The experiences both he and his first wife suffered during the conflict affected their marriage and David's life even after Angie's death. But like many Texans, he felt it was his duty to fight for his beliefs.

Louis J. Wortham, in A HISTORY OF TEXAS: FROM WILDERNESS TO COMMONWEALTH, Volume 4, Chapter LX, Worthham-Molyneaux Company, Fort Worth, Texas 1924 gives a very good accounting of what happened to Texas and Texans during the war.
Because of the blockade, which effectively shut down all imports and exports, only limited trading done by blockade runners or through Mexico could be done. It fell to the women, as most of the men had gone off to war, to become self-sufficient by making their own cloth on spinning wheels and looms, and thus clothing for themselves and their men folk in the army. In addition, the women had to 'man' the fields and smokehouses, not only to provide food for their own tables, but also for the army.
The ending of the war did not easy the burden on families of the South, including Texas. Though the Union was forgiving, it was forgetting and it did punish the states for seceding from the Union, mostly by taxes. By the time David placed his ad for a mail order bride, he was deeply in debt and in need of monetary salvation. Unknown to him, he'd find in Laura more than just a dowry, he'd find salvation for his wounded heart.

Find out more about Texas and the Civil War at: http://www.texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/wortham/4345.htm
Leave a comment, with your e-mail, for a chance to win a $10 The Wild Rose Gift Certificate.

T-Shirt Winner

I swear, these are pure by chance, though if you read their comments, you wouldn't think so. But I have numbers in a bag and I pull a number and count to the winner. So Blackroze37 who said she'd really like to win thw Smart Women Read Romance t-shirt, did!

Just e-mail me at annaklanier@aol.com and we'll make the arrangements to get you the shirt. Thanks for stopping by. And don't leave yet, I have a couple more blogs to go.

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Winners 4 and 5

Congratulations to kaisquared, who won a copy of The Priceless Gift, my first short story with TWRP and A Cowboy's Dream, my second story with them. A Cowboy's Dream is also the story of Laura and David's decendant...so they're mentioned in it! Just send me an e-mail at annmailto:annaklanier@aol.com and I'll send you the e-books via e-mail. Thanks for stopping by!

And Sarabelle, you thought you'd missed the fun...but quite by chance you won a drawing, a copy of both A Cowboy's Dream and Salvation Bride. Just e-mail me and I'll get you the eletronic copies. Thanks for stopping by.

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Great 1800's Timeline Website

Did you know that in 1877 both Charles Cros of France and Thomas Edison in America invented the phonograph? Or that in 1870, Jules Verne released not one but two novels? The University of Minnesota has a wonderful archives of time lines, not just for 19th Century.

At this site you learn that The Boston Globe wasn't always here, neither was the U.S. Post card. But by the end of the decade these items, as well as, many others were available.

Historical writers need to do research, so we don't have the postcard being sent before it was available, for example. I've found this site to be a wonderful place to start my research on everyday items and when they were available.


Visit the link above and then go to my website. There you can enter a contest to win a copy of SALVATION BRIDE. Just find an event that happened in 1873 and leave a comment about it on my guestbook (link can be found at the bottom of the HOME page).

Be sure and leave a message here, too, and you could win a "Smart Women Read Romance" T-shirt.....also, be sure to leave your e-mail, so I can contact you if you win....

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Unedited excerpt:


“Miss Ashton, I’m sorry I had to leave before the stage left, but I was called away on business.”

Frankly, she’d been relieved not to see the sheriff standing on the porch when she escorted Mrs. McGuire back to the stage. It meant she’d have a while yet before she had to face him.

“I’m sorry, too, sir, for leaving you so abruptly after we met. I don’t know where my manners went.”

He smiled then, for the first time, and his eyes crinkled. “I image, ma’am, that you were just as nervous as I was about meeting.”

She smiled back. “True. One has to wonder about the wisdom of agreeing to marry a stranger.”

His smile faded and lead dropped into her stomach.

He turned his hat in his hand and stared at his feet. “Ma’am, I’d hoped it wouldn’t have to be like this, but there’s something we need to discuss.”

Laura’s breath caught in her lungs. He didn’t like her. He was going to send her away. She’d be alone in the world.

“I…can I not change your mind, sir?” she whispered.

“I’m afraid not, ma’am. If I had an alternative, I’d suggest it, but the fact of the matter is the preacher changed his circuit route on us. I expected him to come in two months, giving us time to get to know each other. But he came early and he’s leaving tomorrow.” His hat made another complete turn in his hands. Blue eyes rose to meet hers. “The fact is, Miss Ashton, we have to get married tonight, before he leaves town.”

Her knees buckled. Strong arms gripped her and held her upright.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you and honest, ma’am, I wouldn’t force you into a marriage if it weren’t necessary. I don’t know when the preacher will be back and I learned last week that the Jacobs, they’re the people who have been taking care of Ginny and the ranch for me, are moving to Wyoming in a few days. That means I need to move out onto the Lazy S. I’ll need you there, too, so you can look after Ginny.”

His hands were strong, comforting. She wanted to lean into his solid form, forget the horror she’d barely escaped.

“It wouldn’t be proper for you to live there without benefit of marriage,” he said.

She licked her lips. Thoughts whirled through her mind. There was much she needed to tell him. She fisted her hands on his shirtsleeves. “I need—”

“Ma’am, I know you must be worried about the marriage bed, but I won’t take advantage of you in that way.” His fingers gripped her. “I need you only to care for my house and my daughter. I’ll expect nothing more of you.”

Intimacy between a man and his wife had been the furthest thing from her mind, but he must have taken her hesitation for fear.

She should tell him everything, but if he refused to marry her, what would she do? If the preacher wasn’t coming back to town for months she’d be alone. No friends, no family. No one. She swallowed to wet her throat. “I’d be honored to marry you this evening.”

His fingers dug into her arms. Had he expected she’d refuse his offer? She forced down a hysterical laugh. She was frantic to stay in Salvation, to have a family, to not be alone in the world.

He nodded and dropped his hands. “Fine. I’ll make the arrangements. We can be wed in the hotel parlor. Will seven o’clock be good for you?”

That would be just enough time to bathe and ready her dress.

She nodded.

Winners Two and Three

Congratulations ot bison61 for winning the HEARTS WEST book....true stories of real mail-order brides. Just e-mail me at annaklanier@aol.com and we'll arrange for me to send you your copy.

Also, I drew for the first $10 The Wild Rose Press gift certificate for the day. Kimberley, who commented on Dr. Bethenia is the winner of that prize. Kimberley, please send me an e-mail at teh above e-mail and I'll get you your prize, too.

Stayed tuned for some postings (I've been running errands and haven't been online for a bit). I have a few more to post about life in the late 1800's.

Anna Kathryn

Laura is trained to be a doctor by her uncle, who served as a doctor in the Civil War. She keeps this a secret from David until after they are wed, because she's afraid of his reaction....which turns out to be typical of males and Texans of that time – NO WAY IS MY WIFE GOING TO MEDICALLY TREAT PEOPLE, ESPEICALLY MEN.

But female doctors weren't as uncommon in the 19th Century as some would led us to believe. Several were even university trained. In HEARTS WEST: True Stories of Mail-Order Brides on the Frontier, Chris Enss relates the story of a woman doctor Bethenia Owens-Adair. She wasn't a doctor when she married the first time at the age of fourteen, but divorced her good-for-nothing husband after four terrible years of marriage. It was only then that she worked as a dressmaker to pay her way through medical school. After graduating, she returned to Oregon in 1883 and became the state's first female doctor.

Here's some websites on Dr. Owens-Adair:

Leave a comment about Dr. Owens-Adair or medicine in general and win a copy of HEARTS WEST.

Anna Kathryn

Today's First Winner!

Congrats to Deidre. she one today's first drawing....a copy of Salvation Bride. Thanks for everyone who's stopped by so far and don't forget to keep leaving messages, we have a lot more prizes to win. The next drawing will be for Chris Enss's book HEARTS WEST: True Stories of Mail-Order Brides on the Frontier.

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From Romance Junkie's reviewer Natasha:

Salvation Bride
4 Blue Ribbons
Anna Kathryn Lanier
The Wild Rose Press

"Talk about salvation! Lovers of mail order brides and the men who find love with them will shout with glee over Anna Kathryn Lanier's latest release."

Four Spurs from Carol at Love Western Romance:

"Ms. Lanier does an excellent job of capturing both the details of the Old West and the timeless struggle of people to be better than thier circumtances, providing the richness and layers that make a satisfying western historical romance."

Read the entire review:

Anna Kathryn

Traveling by Stagecoach

It's hard to believe, as I jump into my car and travel to my mom's house, a mere seventeen miles away, that such a visit in 1873 would have been considered a 'trip' of several days, not a quick visit for lunch. A visit to my daughter in Baton Rouge or sister in Ft. Worth, both about 250 miles from where I live, would have taken weeks. Though, the trip to Baton Rouge would have been shorter, as I'd have taken a ship from Galveston to New Orleans (and perhaps transferred to a paddle boat and ridden up the Mississippi). Still, none of these trips, from my mom's to my sister's to my daughter's, would have been spur of the moment, let's go for a weekend, visit. The trip to my sister's is the one most likely to have been taken by stagecoach, just as Laura did on the last leg of her journey from Ohio to Salvation, TX, a small town a few miles from Bryan, TX. Though I admit, I didn't think too hard how she got to the first stagecoach, it's most plausible that she took a boat down a few rivers, as well as a train or two.

Before embarking on her stagecoach journey, she might have checked (if the timeline were more accurate) the 'rules' as laid out in the Omaha Herald. Here's a couple of those suggestions, first published in 1887:

*When the driver asks you to get off and walk, do it without grumbling. He will not request it unless absolutely necessary. If a team runs away, sit still and take your chances; if you jump [from the run-away stage], nine times out of ten you will be hurt.

*Don't swear, nor lop over on your neighbor when sleeping. Don't ask how far it is to the next station until you get there.

*If you have anything to take in a bottle, pass it around; a man who drinks by himself in such a case is lost to all human feeling. Provide stimulants before starting; ranch whisky is not always nectar.

Check out the other rules here:

Here's a site on stagecoach companies: http://www.linecamp.com/museums/americanwest/hubs/stagecoach_lines_pony_express/stacecoach_lines_pony_express.html

Please leave a comment about one of the rules (or all of them), along with your e-mail. I'll draw the first winner before 10:00 a.m.....let's see, how about a 'fresh off the press' copy of SALAVATION BRIDE.

Anna Kathryn

January 18, 2009


Come on down and party, Texas style, as I celebrate the release of SALVATION BRIDE on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. There'll be excerpts, reviews, recipes and historical facts to pass out about life in the 1870's. Come meet David and Laura as they talk about their decision to marry through a mail order bride newspaper ad. And most of all, come for the prizes!!!

Where: Right here from dawn to dusk (or there abouts)!

Ya'll come, now, ya hear!

Anna Kathryn

Visit my Friend as she Blogs at Novel Sisterhood

Novel Sisterhood Presents
Mary's Sunday Blog Interview
with Phyllis Campbell
January 18, 2009

Please visit: Novel Sisterhood Blog.
January Topic: Historical Research
So you want to write an historical, how do you research? Special Guest Phyllis Campbell – Multi published historical author will be here to give us her tips and wisdom on the subject. Visit her web site http://www.phyllismariecampbell.com/

Novel Sisterhood

January 17, 2009

Guest blogger -- Lynnette Baughman

Saturday, January 17, 2009
Guest Blogger -- Lynnette Baughman

I love romance!! With so much depression (and Depression, capital D) in America today, it’s good to escape for a hour or two into a story with a HAPPY ENDING.
I’ve always loved to read. If I won a lottery and could stretch out on the deck of a yacht, or the porch of a lovely mountain cabin, or on a Lear jet to Martinique, what’s the first, second and third thing I’d do?
I’d pick up a book and READ!
Which leads me to this logical DUH! thought: Hey, I can pick up a book and read NOW.

I like books where something happens. Crime fiction by Michael Connelly, for example. And romances by dozens and dozens of authors. My #1 favorite author combines crime/suspense and romance. Sandra Brown.

I’ve had four mysteries published. If you’re interested, please visit my website, http://www.rainshadowromance.com/, to learn more. But my heart is in writing ROMANCE fiction. And I’m proud to announce my first romance, “Love with a Welcome Stranger,” is out now from The Wild Rose Press in ebook and in print. Both versions are available at the publisher’s website: www.thewildrosepress.com and the print edition is also available at www.amazon.com and www.bn.com.

Here’s a taste of the story:
SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER that the handsome Montana rancher was once a poor cowboy who loved her.
HE CAN’T FORGET that she left him and never looked back.

MANDY McCAY’S LIFE as a Hollywood starlet ended with a bullet from a deranged fan. Miraculously, she recovers, learns to walk and speak, but there are gaps in her memory. Important gaps. The years her face and figure were splashed across tabloid pages are easy. But what happened the summer before she left Montana?
LIKE EVERYONE ELSE in Mandy’s hometown, Campbell West followed her medical miracle on TV. He’s not prepared for her to come home more beautiful than ever, or for the sudden new attraction between them. At least, Mandy thinks it’s new. Cam--God help him!--remembers every inch of her body! When should he tell her of their passionate love, her betrayal, and his pain? Or can he risk forgetting it all--and hoping she’ll never remember?

Here’s a quick look at some of the reviews of “Love with a Welcome Stranger” --
Brenda Talley, on the site Romance Studio, gave it 5 Hearts and said: “The tension, as well as attraction, with this at-odds couple was powerful. Her secondary characters were remarkable and served to enhance the beautifully developed story of the primary couple. The poignant dialogue and actions between the two was so emotionally charged it was impossible to put the book down. Obviously I loved the book. I look forward to more from this author. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to escape in a story and appreciates a surprise ending.”

Breia Brickey said in Between the Lines: “This story ranks up there with the best of them. The characters were well thought out and easy to fall in love with. They were average everyday people that you might walk by on the street or if you're lucky someone that you're actually blessed to have in your life in some capacity. To me this story is about forgiveness. Forgiveness of others, of ourselves and our faults. Life is too short to be lived in pain and anger. This story captures perfectly the life I want to lead. It says that you may fight, and you may want to walk away, but all good things are worth fighting for. Even if the person you have to fight is yourself. I say very well done Lynnette Baughman and I look forward to more from you in the future. This book reminds me of why I got hooked on romance at the age of fifteen.”

A reviewer at Joyfully Reviewed said: I really liked this story. D’Ann, Mandy’s sister, all the other supporting characters and of course Mandy and Cam made Love With A Welcome Stranger a fantastic and wonderfully enjoyable read.

Lynnette’s latest news: The second contemporary romance set in Bitter Falls, Montana, is titled, “Lovin’ Montana.” It will be out in ebook and also in print on August 14, 2009.

When Mandy recovers from her critical bullet wound, she has a strange new quirk. She (who couldn’t boil an egg before this) wants to cook. Her senses of taste and smell are heightened. She reads cookbooks and watches the food channel. And--she keeps showing up at Cam West’s door with delicious food, and inviting him to her place to try her culinary creations. Since she lives on a heritage apple farm (with varieties of apple trees that go back more than one hundred years), she does a lot with apples. Here’s one of my favorite ways to use apples. (Find more recipes on my website.)


First, BAKE medium butternut squash until cooked through.
Cool and remove from shell.
1 cup chopped yellow onion
1 cup sliced celery
COOK onion and celery in oil (hot, then medium) for 10 minutes.
Add 4 Granny Smith apples (medium), peeled and cut into chunks
Cook for 10 minutes, covered (hot, then medium)
Add 3 cups turkey stock (or chicken broth) and 1 cup water.
Add the cooked squash.
Add a dash of salt and 1/2 teaspoon ground sage (or fresh sage)
Bring to a boil. Simmer, covered, for 10 minutes.
Gradually put the mixture through a blender or food processor. Serve.

ANNA KATHRYN -- thanks for having me today. I’d love to hear from others about their favorite authors.

Salvation Saturday - 17th Winner

Congratulations to Donna Caubarreaux, who won my drawing for Jan. 17's Salvation Saturday. Donna won a "Smart Women Read Romance" T-shirt and a Time Out bath set.

Don't forget to stop by on Monday and visit my guest blogger, Lynnette Baughman www.RainshadowRomance.com. And leave a message - so you'll be eligible for next week's Salvation Saturday. You could win copies of Victoria Alexander's books "A Little Bit Wicked" and "What a Lady Wants," as well as an e-copy of SALVATION BRIDE.

Anna Kathryn

January 15, 2009

The Friday Record - Mail Order Brides

Widowed Texas rancher/sheriff looking for marriage-minded woman, to cook, clean, keep house and care for 3 yr. old daughter. Will provide home and security. She must have $5,000 dowry.

With the gold and land rush, men raced West to find their fortune. They soon realized, though, that the Western Frontier lacked a vital component—women. In 1850, twice as many men lived in California as women. There weren't enough of-age females to go around for the marriage-minded gentlemen. So, on the heels of the gold and land rush phenomenon, came a new business enterprise—the mail order bride. Newspapers were filled with ads for both wives and husbands, while a few yellow sheets cropped up for the sole purpose of fulfilling the mail order bride demand. At least one lasted over thirty years and may have been responsible for over two thousand marriages.

A wonderful book on the subject is Hearts West: True Stories of Mail Order Brides on the Frontier by Chris Enss. Ms. Enss relates several true stories of both successful and disastrous marriages, as well reprinting real ads and photos for hopeful brides. (I'll be giving away a copy of this book next Wednesday during my Salvation Bride blog-a-thon).

Aged 27, height 4 feet 9 inches, dark hair and eyes, considered handsome by all his friends untied in saying his amiable and will make a model husband. The lady must be one in the most extended acception of the world since the advertiser moves in the most polished and refined society. It is also desirable that she should have considerable money.

Women went West looking for opportunity, just as the men did. They hoped to find a rich man and security, as well as a bit of adventure. And they came, by wagon, stage, train and ship. One widow woman brought her five marriageable daughters to the gold fields. But the men held dreams as well.

A girl who will love, honest, true and not sour: a nice little cooing dove, and willing to work in flour.

Unfortunately, choosing a mate through a newspaper advertisement, with perhaps a few letters exchanged, didn't always end in happily-ever-after. Lenient laws allowed for quick marriages and quick divorces. Some arrangements didn't even make it to the altar.

One young lady, Kathleen answered an ad from a U.S. Soldier and traveled all the way from Ireland after he proposed to her in a letter. However, Lt. Carey's idea of propriety and Kathleen's differed. A week before the wedding, while he was away escorting a wagon train, a social was held at the fort, which Kathleen attended. She contributed a pie to the food table and danced with the soldiers when asked. Lt. Carey found his highly inappropriate and a called off the wedding. Kathleen's pleas to reconsider went unheeded. Lt. Carey also demanded she pay him back the money he'd sent her for her fare. She went on to answer another ad and entered into a happy marriage. Lt. Carey never married.

Phoebe and William, however, had a much happier outcome, though they married the same day they met. For twenty-five years, they worked to make their farm successful, while raising a seven children. When they finally realized that no matter what they did, the hard Idaho earth wouldn't support them, they moved north and found the life William always wanted to provide for them. They were happily married for forty-seven years before William died.

Released Date: January 21, 2009

Laura and David take a chance in SALVATION BRIDE when they agree to marry sight unseen. Both have hidden secrets that must be revealed before they can find their happily-ever-after and their salvation in each other's arms.

Hearts West review: http://www.historynet.com/hearts-west-true-stories-of-mail-order-brides-on-the-frontier-book-review.htm

Buy the book: http://www.amazon.com/Hearts-West-Stories-Mail-Order-Frontier/dp/076272756X/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1232076200&sr=8-1

“Talk about salvation! Lovers of mail order brides and the men who find love with them will shout with glee over Anna Kathryn Lanier's latest release.” -Natasha with Romance Junkies (4 Ribbon Review)

Four Spurs Review by Carol at Love Western Romances

January 13, 2009

Wednesday Chow - Oven Beef Stew

SALVATION BRIDE - release date - January 21, 2009

Unedited excerpt:

A sigh passed over her lips. She hadn’t expected David to fall in love with her the minute he laid eyes on her. She wasn’t that beautiful, but she’d hoped they’d find love. It had been Uncle John’s hope, too. They’d both been reaching for the moon, it seemed. David couldn’t love her—not when he loved another.

She’d determined to settle for the safety and security of marriage. At least with it, she wouldn’t be alone as she had been in the orphanage. For five long years, she’d not belonged to anyone. That terror had been even worse than the beatings she’d witnessed her mother receiving at the hands of her father, the beatings she’d received as well. To belong to no one was a fate worse than death.

Her uncle found her after he’d returned from the war and gave her the safety of his home as well as his unconditional love, the first she’d ever had. During the next eight years, she’d had a place to belong. Yet, she now wondered if it was possible to be with people and still not fit in.

Once again, she found herself in a situation where love was given conditionally. There was a price, a bargain she had to exchange to receive David’s affection. And today she’d tested that bargain. How would David react?

Her heart heavy, she turned from the window and called Ginny.

“It’s time to set the table for supper. Your Pa’s on his way home.”

A few minutes later David entered the house and Ginny ran to him. He swung the girl up into a tight hug.

“How’s my girl?” he asked, setting her back on her feet.

“Good. Miss Laura and me made a cobbler. She said we can have some after supper. That it was d’sert.”

David ruffled her curls. “I’ll bet it’s the best cobbler this side of the Mississippi.” He put Ginny down and smiled. “Hello, Laura.”

She forced a smile, then turned to lift the stew pot off the stove. As they ate, Ginny kept up a steady stream of conversation, detailing the cobbler making. Thank goodness the child left out the trip to town. Laura wanted to tell David of the incident her own way.

After supper, Ginny scampered off to her room. As Laura did the dishes, David tucked his daughter in for the night. She stiffened as he closed the door to the child’s room. She couldn’t put off the talk any longer.

“Are you finished?” he asked.

“Nearly,” she replied, wondering if he’d already heard about her day’s activities? “Why?”

There was a pause and he shuffled his feet. “It’s a nice evening out and I thought, maybe, we could take a walk.”

She looked over her shoulder. He stood beside the table cheeks, flushed red. He’d never asked her to walk before. She and Ginny had gone out a few nights and he’d join them, but he’d never asked her to go alone.

What did this mean? He doesn’t look mad. In fact, he looks embarrassed, like a schoolboy asking a girl if he could court her. She closed her eyes and swore under her breath. What fanciful thoughts…David wishing to court her. She shook the dishwater off her hands and dried them on a towel.

“That would be nice. I’ll just be a minute.”

This Stew recipe is one I've had for over 26 years. When I married the first time, I bought a Cooking for Two cookbook. Though it says it's for two, I've always made for my family of four and it was more than enough.


1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
¾ teaspoon of salt
dash of pepper
3/4 pound beef chuck,cut in 1-9n cubes**
1 tablespoon oil
1 can condensed tomato soup
1 soup can of water
2/4 cup chopped onion
¼ teaspoon dried basil
2 medium potatoes, pared and cubed
2 medium carrots, cut in 1-inch pieces
¼ cup cooking red wine or water

Preheat oven 375°. Heat oil in Dutch oven. Combine flour, salt and pepper. Coat meat cubes in seasoned flour. Brown meat in hot oil; add soup, water, onion, and basil. Cover and bake in oven about 1 hour. Add potatoes, carrots, and wine. Cover and bake 1 hour longer or until tender. Makes 2 to 3 servings.

I've also made this on the stove top, adding all the ingredients at once. It takes less time to cook and is just as delicious.

** I usually put in about 1 to 1 ½ pounds of meat. I also add a few more vegetables, but I keep to the one can of soup and water (add water as it cooks if you need to). I guess that's why it worked for my family of four. Also, the basil really adds to the flavor of this stew, as does red wine. Fix some hot rolls and you have delicious meal for a cold winter's night.

Leave a message to be eligible for Salvation Saturday's prize drawing.....and don't forget to put your e-mail in the comment, too, so I can contact you should you win. This week's prize is a "Smart Women Read Romance" t-shirt and a Time Out bath set.



The Wild Rose Press posted review links to a lot of their stories. A COWBOY'S DREAM had two reviews I hadn't seen before and my soon to be released story SALVATION BRIDE received one fantastic review.

Terri at Night Owl Reviews gave A COWBOY'S DREAM 4 out of 5 and said "You do see how they deal with other things and it gives you the feeling and hope that this couple will have a happily ever after. What else can you expect from a romantic Christmas?"


Fallen Angels Reviews' Whitney gave A COWBOY'S DREAM four angels and said: "This story is worth the read in order to see [Marcus] get the happy ending that he deserves."


And not to be left out, SALVATION BRIDE received its first review, and this author couldn't have asked for a better one! Love Western Romances reviewer Carol said "With compelling characters and surprising secrets this is a story that will grab your interest and keep through the end."


Anna Kathryn (who's tickled pink....and in the words of Sally Field "You love me, you really love me!)


January 12, 2009

Don't forget to leave a comment & Guest reschedule

Don't forget to leave a comment on any and all posts (along with your e-mail, so I can contact you if you win). I'm having Salvation Saturday's this month, where a lucky commenter will win a prize drawn for each Saturday....to celebrate the release of SALVATION BRIDE on January 21st. This week's prize is a "Smart Women Read Romance" t-shirt and a Time Out bath and lotion set....your Salvation from a busy world.....

Also, today's scheduled guest blogger, Judith Leger, had a very hectic week and needed to reschedule her blog for Feb. 16th. Please plan to come visit Judith then.


The hot dusty town of Salvation, Texas has more than its share of secrets in 1873 when Laura Ashton's stage rolls into town. Sheriff David Slade has no idea what baggage his mail-order bride is bringing into his life. Throw in the nightmares from his Civil War days and he's got more than courting to contend with. Laura's a woman ahead of her time, a woman trained in medicine. And she's got a will that could move mountains. Unfortunately, the only mountains in Salvation are in Sheriff Slade's memory. Can the determined doctor heal his pain, or will the dark secret in her past turn up to steal his Salvation Bride?

Anna Kathryn


January 11, 2009

Almost, but not quite

A COWBOY'S DREAM almost took "Book of the Week" at The Long and Short of It Reviews. I've heard it said that almost only counts in horseshoes and handgrandes. But I'm very pleased with the second place win for Lilac's review and its 28% of the votes. And I thank all my friends and fans who voted to put it there. It was a double surprise for this week, first the wonderful review by Lilac, and then a second place win for the review. And congrats to my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, who had two authors in the top four, Bess McBride's "A Trail of Love" took fourth place.

Here's the wonderful review that took second place:


Thanks again to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate the effort.

Anna Kathryn

January 10, 2009

4 1/2 books Review

A COWBOY'S DREAM has earned a 4 1/2 books review at The Long And Short of It. Here's the link of Lilac's review:


Anna Kathryn

Salvation Saturday Winner - Rebecca J. Clark

Congrats to Rebecca J. Clark, who won my first January drawing of Salvation Saturday. Rebecca, you won a box of chocolate and a copy of "A Cowboy's Dream." The hero in this story is the descendant of Laura and David in "Salvation Bride," coming out on January 21st.

Please send me an e-mail at annaklanier@aol.com so we can make arrangements to get you your prizes.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by and commented this week. I'll hold another drawing next Saturday, so be sure and stop by this week as well.

Anna Kathryn

January 6, 2009

Wednesday's Chow - Laura's Peach Cobbler

COMING JANUARY 21st – SALVATION BRIDE from The Wild Rose Press

She rode into town for her own deliverance, but will Doctor Laura Ashton heal Sheriff David Slade’s pain before the dark secret in her past turns up to steal his Salvation Bride?

Unedited excerpt

“It wasn’t part of our bargain,” David argued.

Laura shook her head. “No, I suppose it wasn’t, but I’m not getting the whole of our bargain either. I’m learning to live with it. You will too.”

She turned from him. He gripped her arm and whipped her around. “What haven’t you gotten that I bargained away?”

Laura tried to twist free, but he increased the pressure. She wasn’t going to turn her back on him again.

“Don’t think I’m not grateful to be here, David. I am. This is a better place than what I left. I could have come here or anywhere for that matter, on my own, but my uncle didn’t want that. I didn’t want that, but this is not the marriage I envisioned.”

He clamped his jaw tight. He knew what she meant, what she wasn’t saying. Maybe wooing her wouldn’t be as hard as he thought. “What sort of marriage had you envisioned?”

She blinked rapidly and shook her head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it does! It damn well does matter.”

He pulled her into his arms and his lips crushed hers. For a few moments, she struggled and he had flashes of Angie, but he wouldn’t let Laura go. He softened the kiss, holding her close to him, one hand splayed across her back, the other burrowing into her hair. He tasted her lips, running his tongue over the seam, willing her to open her mouth.

She softened in his arms, her body falling flush against his. Her mouth opened and he stifled a groan. He ran his tongue over her lips and teeth. She tasted of cinnamon from the cobbler they’d had for dessert.

His hand slipped down to her backside to cup her buttocks, holding her tight against his erection. She knocked his hat off as her fingers swept through his hair. Lust shot through his body, pooling painfully in his groin.

He scattered kisses along her jaw, nuzzling the crook of her neck as his hand palmed her breast. She mewed softly in his ear.

He lifted his head and looked into the face of his wife. The falling darkness made it difficult to see the confusion and passion clouding her eyes.

He hadn’t meant to kiss her, not yet. He thought to ease into the situation, even though his need for her had grown over the past two weeks. He’d lay in bed nightly, thinking of her soft curves, warm smile and expressive eyes. He dreamed of her until he was hard with wanting. Once, he’d resorted to what he’d done more than he cared to remember when married to Angie—he brought himself to his own release, but it was not what he desired. What he desired stood dazed and wanting in front of him. Who was he to deny her?

He lowered his head to kiss her again. Laura twisted out of his arms and his hands gripped air.
“What was that all about?” she demanded.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. I know otherwise.” He’d be damned if he’d let this wife put up a wall he couldn’t chisel through.

“I didn’t say that. I asked what it was all about. You said you wouldn’t bed me.” She glanced toward Angie’s grave, then narrowed eyes on him.

“Do you really expect us to live the rest of our lives without bedding each other?” he asked.
She hugged herself and glared at him. “No, but you said—”

“I was stupid.” He ran his hand through his hair. “No, it was the circumstance, Laura. We had to marry the same day we met. I couldn’t expect you to lay with me when we didn’t even know each other. I wanted to put your mind at ease, to make you realize I wasn’t a lecher.”

He couldn’t see her now that darkness had fallen, but he heard her exhale. “I don’t know, David. It doesn’t seem right. We still don’t know each other and right now, I’d say there are too many grave issues between us to allow intimacy.” She turned toward the house and walked away from him.

His erection deflated. He picked his hat up off the ground and crushed it in his hands. He’d spend another night sleeping alone.


6 cups pealed sliced peaches
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1 TLBS baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup milk
3/4 cup melted butter
1 TLBS sugar
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350°F. Filling: Mix peaches, sugar and flour together and pour into a 15-inch baking dish. Batter: Combine 2 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, baking powder, and salt in food processor. Process to combine. Add the milk and melted butter. Process until smooth. Spoon batter over the peaches, making sure you spread to edge of dish. Sprinkle remaining 1 tablespoon sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon over the top. Bake in center of oven about one hour. Crust should be brown and crisp on the outside and cooked all the way through. Let cool for 10 minutes before serving. Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Variation: Blackberry, blueberry or raspberry cobbler--omit cinnamon and nutmeg.

Anna Kathryn

January 4, 2009

Guest Author, Liana Laverentz

Hello and thank you for having me here today. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and is ready to settle back into the routine of school and work. I know I am, starting today. I had a great time goofing off and just being with friends and family, but 2009 is already well underway, and I'm already beind the curve :)
I noticed Anna Kathryn's blog is full of delicious recipes, so I thought I'd add a couple of my own favorites, one I've been making for over 25 years, Apple Cake, and another one I discovered just a few months ago called Spinach-Broccoli Bake. These are both dishes that Rebecca would definately cook for Jake, the hero in my contemporary romance novel, Jake's Return, which is currently a featured romance at The Wild Rose Press.

The first is a little twist on that yummy green bean casserole people love to make (and eat!) over the holidays and at family dinners. Complete with the crispy fried onions on the top.

Spinach-Broccoli Casserole
1 lb package of chopped spinach
2 cups chopped broccoli
1 can (10 ¾ oz) cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
½ cup mayonnaise
1 egg, well beaten
½ tsp pepper
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp garlic powder
1 can fried onions

Place frozen spinach in container and cover with water. Place on stove top and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 4 minutes. Drain. Place frozen broccoli in container and cover with water. Place on stove top and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes. Drain. In a large mixing bowl, combine soup, mayonnaise, egg, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Add cooked spinach and cooked broccoli, mixing well. Pour mixture in a greased 2 quart casserole. (I use a rectangular glass pan). Sprinkle can of fried onions on top. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until firm. Enjoy!

The next recipe has special meaning for me. When I was young, we used visit my grandmother, who lived in Germany. Every time I came to see her, she would make this wonderful Apfel Kuchen. We’d have it with real whipped cream on top. Years later, when I was working as a consultant to the military in Washington, DC, a woman brought in a cake that tasted remarkably like my grandmother’s. The flour we use in the United States is a bit different than the kind they use over there, so the texture isn’t quite the same, but it still turned out delicious. This is the recipe.

Apple Cake

Cake Batter

3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1 cup oil
4 eggs
3 tsp baking powder
7 tbsp orange juice
2 ½ tsp vanilla

Apple Mixture Mix (in a separate bowl)

4 large apples (sliced)
2 tsp cinnamon
¼ cup sugar

Combine all ingredients except apples and cinnamon/sugar mix.
Place a layer of batter in greased tube pan or rectangular pan (I use a 2 quart glass casserole dish)
Add ½ apple mixture
Place remaining batter over apples
Top with remaining apples
Bake one hour and 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

You can add nuts or raisins if you like, and be sure to top it off with whipped cream!

Liana Laverentz is the author of two contemporary romances with The Wild Rose Press, Thin Ice and Jake’s Return. Thin Ice is a 2007 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award winner, a 2008 EPPIE winner for best contemporary romance, and was a nominee for Best Romance of 2007 at Long and Short Reviews. Jake’s Return is a 2008 Golden Leaf Award Winner. Her next release, Ashton’s Secret, a murder mystery romance, will be available June 26, 2009. For more information, go to http://www.lianalaverentz.com/

January 3, 2009

January Guests and Other Activities

Welcome to 2009 – a whole year to try new things, go to new places and write new stories! I'll be hosting a slew of new authors on my blog this year, starting with four this month:

Jan 5 - Liana Laverentz http://www.lianalaverentz.com/

Jan 12 – Judith Leger www.myspace.com/judithleger

Jan 19 – Lynnette Baughman www.RainshadowRomance.com

Jan 26 - Jennifer Johnson http://jennfancesca.blogspot.com/

Don't forget that each Wednesday I post a recipe. I try to make them fast and easy, which is how I like to cook. I also toss in family favorites and holiday recipes. So, stop by and checkout my Wednesday's Chow.

On Fridays, I try to do The Friday Record, a post about an historical event. I've not been doing so well with this post, but will attempt to do better in the coming year.

Each month, I draw a name from all of those who have left comments on my blog for a prize. For January, however, I'll give away a a prize a week, drawing a name each Saturday, starting on the 10th. This is to celebrate the January 21st release of SALVATION BRIDE, my novella set in 1873 Texas. Of course, I'll be plugging this book all month long and will hold a special event on Wednesday January 21st to celebrate it's long awaited release!

So, plan to stop by often and visit my blog and while you're at it, stop my website at http://www.aklanier.com/ and leave a comment on my guest book (link found at the bottom of the HOME page). You could win a copy of SALVATION BRIDE.

~Anna Kathryn Lanier

Join author Liana Laverentz on Jan 5

Join author Liana Laverentz as she blogs for me on Monday, January 5th. Liana will post her favorite recipe(s), blurbs and excerpts of her books. Leave a comment and be elegible for prizes.


~Anna Kathryn

January 2, 2009


Monthly List of Historic Romance Releases by Hearts through History's published authors. Hearts through History (HHRW) is an on-line chapter of Romance writers of America.
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Available January
Anna Kathryn Lanier
The Wild Rose Press
American West

Salvation, Texas has more than its share of secrets in 1873 when Laura Ashton's stage rolls into town. Sheriff David Slade has no idea what baggage his mail-order bride is bringing into his life. Throw in the nightmares from his Civil War days and he's got more than courting to contend with. Laura's a woman ahead of her time, a woman trained in medicine. And she's got a will that could move mountains. Unfortunately, the only mountains in Salvation are in Sheriff Slade's memory. Can the determined doctor heal his pain, or will the dark secret in her past turn up to steal his Salvation Bride


Eliza Knight
The Wild Rose Press, www.thewildrosepress.com
Regency, e-book

Miss Corinne Claymore, never knew what she was getting into with her innocent flirtations with Captain Ryder Montgomery. Scandal ensues and she finds herself not only married to Ryder but abandoned. After eight years on a secret mission for the Prince Regent, Ryder returns when his brother's death, makes him an earl. His love and passion for Corinne have not waned, but she has changed much. Ryder must woo her back to him, while uncovering the mystery of his brother untimely death..
"Ms. Knight has penned a journey you won't want to miss!" Lainey Bancroft, author of Settling Back & the 3-D Club Trilogy



Ann Lethbridge
Harlequin Historicals 978 -1-426-82923-9
ebook. eharlequin.com
Regency Novella

Anthony Darby thinks he is ready to give up his life of pleasure—until finds himself at an exclusive club where ladies of the ton indulge their secret desires...and he spies the most alluring woman he's ever laid eyes on. Lately widowed, Margaret is determined to savor some of the joys she missed while married to a cold-hearted Russian count. After paying her dues as a dutiful wife, she's ready to begin living for the moment—starting with a night of passion with Anthony


Shannon Robinson
Aspen Mountain Press, 978-1-60168-166-9

Lady Ayerlene de Glanville's plans are shattered when her father announces that the king has arranged for her to marry an unknown Lord. Determined not to be a pawn for any man's gain, she has only seven days to convince the Lord to break off the betrothal.
After a life of forced relationships, Lord Severin Kendrick wants nothing to do with the arranged betrothal. But an unexpected meeting with his intended stirs his blood with unexpected passion. Determined to make her his own, he battles her wily schemes with sensuous smiles, stolen kisses, and a vow to not return home empty-handed.


Denise Eagan
Kensington, Zebra 978-1-4201-0122-5
Victorian American Western

Betrayed by love and marriage, Jess Sullivan has given up on both for life. Not even the ultra charming Lee Montgomery will change her mind. The last thing she wants is a philandering gambler; the last thing he can have is an actress wife. But when they're framed for murder, a race across the West keeps them one step ahead of a posse. . .and thrusts them into a torrid affair that threatens everything they thought they believed.


Still Available
Carrie Lofty
Kensington, 0420104752
Medieval England


Keena Kincaid
The Wild Rose Press, 1-60154-409-X
Medieval with paranormal elements

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