January 31, 2009

Western Words - answers

Okay, I did put the answers as a comment on my blog, but thought this would be better for all. The winner of my drawing was . Congrats! She won a copy of SALVATION BRIDE.

1. Daniel Boones
C. a contemptuous term given the long-haired pseudo scouts and would-be bad men

2. kack
J. slang for saddle

3. pooch
A. the name of a dish made of sugar, tomatoes and bread

4. buttermilk
G. a motherless calf

5. one-eyed scribe
B. slang name for a six-gun

6. dusted
F. thrown from a horse

7. top off
I. to ride first, to take the rough edges off a horse

8. high lonesome
D. a big drunk

9. woolies
E. a common name for sheep

10. slope (oops,I misspelled this on the test. Sorry.)
H. to go

Anna Kathryn

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