January 21, 2009

Texas and the Civil War

David was not only a Confederate Soldier during the Civil War, but a POW as well. The experiences both he and his first wife suffered during the conflict affected their marriage and David's life even after Angie's death. But like many Texans, he felt it was his duty to fight for his beliefs.

Louis J. Wortham, in A HISTORY OF TEXAS: FROM WILDERNESS TO COMMONWEALTH, Volume 4, Chapter LX, Worthham-Molyneaux Company, Fort Worth, Texas 1924 gives a very good accounting of what happened to Texas and Texans during the war.
Because of the blockade, which effectively shut down all imports and exports, only limited trading done by blockade runners or through Mexico could be done. It fell to the women, as most of the men had gone off to war, to become self-sufficient by making their own cloth on spinning wheels and looms, and thus clothing for themselves and their men folk in the army. In addition, the women had to 'man' the fields and smokehouses, not only to provide food for their own tables, but also for the army.
The ending of the war did not easy the burden on families of the South, including Texas. Though the Union was forgiving, it was forgetting and it did punish the states for seceding from the Union, mostly by taxes. By the time David placed his ad for a mail order bride, he was deeply in debt and in need of monetary salvation. Unknown to him, he'd find in Laura more than just a dowry, he'd find salvation for his wounded heart.

Find out more about Texas and the Civil War at: http://www.texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/wortham/4345.htm
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I enjoy reading about history. It is a great way to learn little known facts. Salvation Bride sounds like a good read.

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Your book sounds awesome--so rich in history! Congratulations!
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