December 31, 2010

Holiday Cheer - Barbequed Shrimp

NOTE: I posted this recipe 2 years ago, but thought that it's a good dish to serve when you want to sit around and talk with family and friends.  Just keep plenty of napkins on hand.

I'm not sure why this is called Barbequed don't barbeque it and you don't put barbeque sauce on it. However, it is a really good, quick and delicious recipe. It is also quite messy, because you serve on the table in the sauce, and the shrimp then needs to be peeled.

Barbequed Shrimp


2 Sticks Butter, melted
2 Cloves Garlic, minced
Dash of Oregano
Hot Sauce, to taste
1 tbsp Chili Sauce
1 cup White Wine
1 Sliced Lemon
Salt and  Pepper
1 lb Shrimp, in shells, headless, medium size

Mix all ingredients in large, oven-safe pan (9x13). Marinate shrimp for 1-2 hours in sauce, or overnight, though the butter will solidify again.

Bake 300° oven, basting often about 30 minutes. Serve with French bread for dipping into sauce, cole slaw and rice, if you want.

Anna Kathryn Lanier


Leni said...

There's still time for me to head out to the store and prep for this meal:)

robynl said...

oh my goodness, that sounds yummy in my tummy. thanks so much for the recipe.

Happy New Year to you and yours.