September 20, 2008

September Reminders

Things are still hopping around here, even with the end of the month drawing near. Don’t forget to drop by my website and leave a comment in my guestbook. You’ll be eligible for a drawing to win a “Smart Women Read Romance” T-shirt. You’ll need to answer a question (who’s the hero and heroine in M. J. Sager’s story Soup d’Amour. The answer can be found on my website, on the Stories by M. J. Sager page).

Also, I have two great authors lined up to be guest bloggers on the last two Monday’s of the month.

First up is Connie Rachal, on September 22nd. Connie is the author of Wings e Publishing's book Bride of Passion. Connie will be discussing her book, as well as pirates during her guest blogging. Find out more about Connie at:

On September 29, Suzanne Perazzini will guest blog. Suzanne is the author of Beneath the Surface by Wild Child Publishing. Discover more about Suzanne at:

~Anna Kathryn


Virginia said...

Looking forward to your guess bloggeres.

Dina said...

Will try to visit the blogs.

cherio1 said...

I can't wait to read A COWBOY'S DREAM!

Beth Ann Miller said...

Thanks for sharing the info on the pirates. I really like this genre, it's classic romance novel.