September 7, 2008

Paranormal Romance Author, Dayana Knight

Good Morning!

My name is Dayana Knight.

I want to thank Anna for inviting me here today as a guest on her blog. I am thrilled at this opportunity to introduce myself and my newest release to you.

I am a paranormal romance author who enjoys writing the darker more erotic side of Weres and Vamps.

I'll take a moment to introduce myself:

As you all know, I currently live in South Florida and have always been enthralled with haunted places, old cemeteries, and deep misty forests which I love to explore. I enjoyed watching shows like Dark Shadows(my personal favorite), Night Gallery, and the Twilight Zone.

I love sticking my nose into anything to do with the paranormal, witchcraft, and ghostly matters


Favorite holiday? No brainer. Yep, you've got it. Halloween! I even take a vacation every year during Halloween week. You should see the transformation of my house decor. It's right up there with Christmas! That will begin next weekend.

My favorite authors to lose myself in are earlier Anne Rice(The Vampire Lestat series along wiht The Witching Hour series), and more recent authors such as, J.D. Ward's Black Dagger series, and Laurel K Hamilton's Faery and Vamp/shifter series, just to name a few.

I am very excited about my newest release, Curse of the Marhime, Book One of The Roma Wolf Tales, a new paranormal romance series.

Pita Sedgewick is my unsuspecting heroine in this tale of discovery, deceit, and soul-binding love. What do you do when you discover your life isn’t the simplistic one you’ve always known, and though you knew you were adopted, you suddenly discover that you are a part of an amazing but scary lineage?

Pita realizes just how resilient she is when she finds herself alone in Romania, tracking her heritage and bloodline. Will she survive the knowledge of what is hidden there.

Why not check out Curse of the Marhime for yourself? Now available at The Wild Rose Press (

***If you'd like to view the book trailer please scroll down to the bottom of this post***

For more information please visit me at: or

Let's see what else can I mention here? Well, I am a devoted animal lover and proud mom of a Shetland Sheep dog, Gypsy Lee, who enjoyed the limelight in Dog Fancy magazine, August 2003 with mom and starred as herself in a perspective view article titled, "Crate Beginnings."

Orchids, roses, playing in the dirt are additional loves and means of relaxation to me. I also keep three freshwater aquariums. A 75 gallon with a huge 17 inch plecotamus who is now on his third tank and started out 2 1/2 inches long, 45 gallon with fancy gold fish and a couple more plecos normal size:) -- that would be a small couple of inches, and a 1o gallon adopted from a neighbor who moved with one small tetra and two new cories which are small catfish.

I work full time as an Orthopedic Assistant/Xray Technician at a very busy Orthopedic Surgeons practice. And speaking of that, I'm going to have to talk to you all a little later as I do need to go get ready for the day job. Nope, I'm not a full time writer yet. It is my ultimate goal but there does seem to be one small problem...

the mortgage;)

One of these days *sigh*

Anyway, I want to remind you that Anna is having a drawing this month for a $15 Barnes & Noble gift certificate for one lucky commentor. So please have at it and get busy with those comments. I'd love the winner be on my watch. And who knows, I may just toss a question out there some time today for a nifty grab bag prize chock full of goodies and sweets. So stay tuned and I'll be back a little later. Don't hesitate to ask questions or make comments. I'm pretty easy, I'll answer just about anything you toss at me:)

Curse of the Marhime Book Trailer.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings. I'll be back in a little while. I hope you'll stick around.



robynl said...

Hi Dayana and welcome,
I have never heard your first name before and find it unique. Do you ever get weird comments on it?

I think it would be devastating to find out that you didn't know about certain things in your family/bloodline. I'd go crazy trying to find answers.

I see you are a dog lover also. We just had to put our beloved dog down and I am still mourning the fact. Have you been one forever?

Ginger Simpson said...

Hi Dayana,
I'm always in awe of people with such great imagination and vision. I can write, but never have been very good a paranormal. I found your blog post very interesting, and although paranormal is not my cup of tea, you actually caught my attention and made it interesting. It's evident you have a great mind for what you do. I'll have to venture into the darker side. *lol*


Jannine said...

Ciao Dayana:
Glad to see you here on Anna's blog. When my three daughters were younger, I was able to get more writing done than I am now that they're all married with children. But I've never worked full time outside the home. So what is your writing schedule like?

And cheers to Gypsy Lee for her magazine debut (back in 2003). I have three Rat Terriers, and they're my babies, too.


Dayana said...

Hello, Robin:)

Yes, I have been a dog lover forever and ever. *grin* In fact, the reason I began writing again was when I lost my first Sheltie, Kazzy! He was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. Naturally, we did everything we could for him but eventually had to say goodbye. I won't go into much more detail than that because I will fall apart. Anyway, I needed something to cling onto in order to work through my grief, so I joined a writers group and classes online and wrote my heart out.

Of course, I adopted Gypsy not long after and that really helped but the ache is still there and he lives in a special corner of my heart forever.

So I can understand where you are at with your mourning. It has be almost nine years since I lost my little guy, and I still fall into tears. It gets better but doesn't ever go away.

No, no I have never gotten any weird comments about my name, however, if you say my full name fast it sounds light 'day and night,' LOL

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to comment and share.



Dayana said...

Hi, Ginger:)

Thank you so much for your comments and visiting my blog as well.

I love writing in the paranormal genre because I can pretty much go for broke. I have always had a vivid imagination. I can build my own world, my own rules, and my own darkly erotic creatures that you just can't help to fall in love with.

I do lots of research to make my stories and settings come as close to reality as possible, but I have so much more freedom. And I love the genre in my own leisurely reading whenever I have time--that is!

I'm glad I could interest you though paranormal isn't your thing. That is a tremendous compliment.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Ginger. They are well appreciated and let me know that I am doing what I want to do. Reaching people across the actual genre boundaries.


Dayana said...

Hello, Jannine!

Kudos to your terriers as well:)


My writing? Well, I write when the muse moves me. I am a writer that cannot in any way write under demand. I sit down when I have something to say. I have never been able to force the issue.

I don't outline. I don't plan. I just go for it. The story pours out, and I keep going until the ideas dry up. Eventually the characters take off and things just keep going. If things settle down again, I don't fight it. I just back off and wait. I'll soon be at it again and thus, the routine continues until I get the entire story down.

Gypsy says a very canine thank you! And I thank you for your comments and interest.