September 7, 2008

The Blog Train

Welcome to the Blog Train Scavenger Hunt, chugging from Blog to Blog. I hope you enjoy this brief stop with me. Somewhere on this page, you'll find a hidden word, plainly labeled, that is part of a famous saying...not too famous though, so you'll have to use some brain power to assemble all the words you find during your travels--there are 16, total. The hunt ends on September 13th. Then you'll need to forward your final entry (with the phrase assembled correctly) to by midnight on the 13th. All correct entries will be entered into a drawing, but you never may be the only person who gets it right.

Hi, I’m Anna Kathryn Lanier and I started writing while still in high school. My first novel was a futuristic Armageddon tale with romantic elements. I wrote my first romances in my early twenties, but my only submission was rejected. After putting my writing on hold for nearly two decades to raise two daughters and play housewife, I picked up the pen again, so to speak--this is the computer age--five years ago. I’ve completed three romance novels to date. I also enjoy writing short stories. My first short, Happily Ever After, was published in 2005. I’ve recently revised it and sold it to The Wild Rose Press as A Cowboy’s Dream, due out in November 2008. I had a November 2007 release, The Priceless Gift, also through TWRP and on January 21, 2009, I’ll release my novella, Salvation Bride, with TWRP as well.

I live in Texas with my husband and two cats. I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I am also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history/education at a local college.

Learn more about me and my writing at:

As soon as you finish perusing my site and find the word here, please get back on the train and visit Kat Duarte - for your next word. Remember, although this is fun and there are prizes involved, we are all authors doing this as a promotion for our blog sites. We hope you will bookmark us and visit often. Thanks for joining the Blog Train.

P. S. Anyone leaving a comment on my blog during the month of September will be entered into a drawing for a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card. Each time you comment, you’ll increase your chances to win. So, do bookmark me and come visit often. Each Monday, I’ll have a guest blogger, on Wednesdays I post a recipe and on Fridays, I try to post about AN historical event or person.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the Blog Train! Remember, you can be the winner of 16 wonderful downloads. :) and have a happy trip.

~Anna Kathryn

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Michelle said...


Great to see you are a cat lover we are also and are actually fostering 11 kittens and 2 mom cats with their 8 kittens. 3 of the kittens are special needs that we are hoping will get a good home (neurological & eye issues). Happy September...