September 14, 2008

Heard from my Husband

I finally heard from my husband on Saturday night. The phone line was down, so even though we have a phone that doesn't need electricity, he didn't have a phone for the day.

Our house is fine. Part of our fence is down, limbs down, and our banana trees didn't do too well, so he cut them down yesterday. And we lost a few shingles from the roof. All in all, we've done well. I've been looking at the pictures on the net and recognize a lot of the areas they are showing, places I drive and near my mom's house (who I also heard has survived with minimal damage).

I'll stay here -- outside Baton Rouge -- until we at least get electricity back, and maybe a few days after that, to give the gas stations and stores time to restock.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts and continue them for those who didn't fare as well as I did.

~Anna Kathryn


Jane said...

Glad to hear you husband is okay.

pacma said...

Other than what little I've read and assumptions drawn from that, I know a minute bit about pirates. I find them to be rather interesting and dark characters though.