September 7, 2008

October with Dayana

Hi! I'm back!

Home for lunch. Thought I'd drop in and see what's going on here. Gypsy is happily eating her lunch and will soon be lounging upon her own personal ottoman in the livingroom gazing out the front picture window keeping an ever vigilant eye on the neighborhood.

I am tossing a sandwich together, grabbing the chips, and a diet coke with lime thinking about what I would like to do on my website and blog to celebrate Halloween. Do any of you have any neat Trick or Treat ideas for a fun Samhain/Halloween contest? How about something like a scavenger hunt for ghoulish icons scattered about my sites? Or maybe a wolf trivia quiz? Maybe a get to know the local vampire quiz? You would have to read through the sites to find this one, LOL

Here's an idea. Why don't I let you guys suggest some interesting contest ideas and the person's idea I like best and choose to go with will win a free download of Curse of the Marhime? Are you game?

Let me know when I check in again after work. That gives you about five hours to think up some really great contest ideas. Hey! I think this will be fun. I hope the afternoon goes by quickly so I can get back here and check out what you guys have come up with.

Alrighty then, gotta get cleaned up and back to work now. I'll be back shortly. Get busy with your contest ideas:)

Who is going to get a free copy of my new release, hmmmm?



Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Dayana - wow, you do lead a busy life! Your fish sound amazing, I love aquariums myself, although I don't have room for one in our tiny bungalow. I'm an animal lover too - and a fellow WRP author. I write for the Faery Rose line, although I love reading the darker side, vamps and wherewolves too.Your books sound fantastic. especially 'Curse Of The Marhime'!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Dayana,
I am a bit of a cemetery girl myself, Being an historical romance writer I guess that isn't so wierd when you think about it. Lots of information there. Love your lunch forget the sandwiches, but diet drink and chips.
Margaret Tanner

Dayana said...

Hello, Hywela lyn!

It's nice to meet you. What are some of your titles?

Isn't TWRP a wonderful publishing house? They really make the process--which is I might add can be very scarey--comfortable.

I have two more stories under consideration right now. We'll see. Cross a couple of finger for me, will you?


Dayana said...

Hi, Margaret!

I've seen you around the loops! Thanks so much for popping in and commenting.

LOL I tend to agree with you about the diet drink and chips but oooohhh, it's so goooood:)

I've read very good reviews on Holly and the Millionaire. Best of luck to you with your book!