October 2, 2008

The Friday Record - Thanksgiving

Yes, it's a little early to be thinking about Thanksgiving, however, this day is very much connected to that autumn holiday. In 1789, President George Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day to be observed on November 26th - in honor of the adoption of the United States Constitution. The Episcopal Church began to celebrate an annual Thanksgiving Day on the first Thursday of November. There was no annual national holiday until October 3, 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln designated the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving. In 1939, 1940 and 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt changed the day to the next-to-last Thursday in November. This conflicted with half the states' proclamations for Thanksgiving. In 1941, Congress passed a joint resolution making the fourth Thursday in November.

Canadians also celebrate a National Thanksgiving Day - the first Monday in November.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day dish?

~Anna Kathryn


Jane said...

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is green bean casserole with extra French Fried Onions.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Jane, that's my daughters favorite dish, too. I have to make it every year, or it's just not the same Thanksgiving.

~Anna Kathryn