October 5, 2008

September Contests Winners

The winner of my 'leave a comment on my blog' contest is Ruth, who commented on Sept. 18th about Hurricane Ike. Congrats, Ruth. You've won a $15 gift certificate from The Wild Rose Press.....mmmm, or Barnes and Noble. LOL...now I have to go look and see what I'm giving away. I was thinking it was TWRP....but I remember saying somewhere, I'd give away a B&N gift card..... Okay, I looked, and it is a B&N gift card. So, congrats, Ruth, you won a B&N gift card!

Meanwhile, I drew Deidre's name for my guestbook winner and have a new contest up on my website for October - win a copy of Skhye Moncrief's book "Naked on the Staircase" by posting on my guestbook one of the recipes I'll post for October (so far, there's only one you can name and you only have to name one to enter). www.aklanier.com, then go to my guestbook -- the link is at the bottom of the HOME page.

~Anna Kathryn


shirley said...

Id love to win a book but to give as gift to my mom she has been alot of help with my new baby

Tena said...

congrats to the winners