October 12, 2008

Meet Abbey MacInnis

So, tell us a little about yourself? What is your typical day like?

I’m usually up before 8:00. My eight-year-old black Lab, Tess is my alarm clock. If she isn’t fed, to her, she’ll die. *g* I grab some coffee and breakfast, then it’s off to check emails. My book, Delighting Miss Daisy a Wayback Texas story was just released, so I try to do a little promo each day. Depending on what’s going on that day, I might get to work right away writing in my current WIP, or it might be afternoon until I get writing. I could write a guide on procrastination. *g* lol

Here’s some info about my book:
Blurb: When Sam Howard, CEO of Sam’s Smooth Sliding Ale, arrives in Wayback to advertise his product for the rodeo, bakery entrepreneur Daisy Porter goes on a crusade to tear down every poster in town. Can Daisy look past the businessman to the compassionate man underneath, or has the lock to her heart finally rusted shut? Sam is a patient man, who doesn’t force his way through the walls she’s placed up to guard her heart. With the threat of someone from her past shadowing her, can Daisy reclaim her self-confidence and strength to find happiness with Sam?
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When did you start to write and how long did it take you get published? How many stories did you finish before you were published?

I started writing in 2002 on my summer breaks from college. But I didn’t get serious about getting published until 2006, after I graduated with my Masters in Social Work. Oddly enough, I’m not practicing in my field. After graduation, I thought that I’d take writing seriously, and see if I could make a career of it. I didn’t want to think back twenty years from now with regrets at what could’ve been. I finished six ms, between novellas and a full-length story mixed in with a few shorter works, it’s been difficult, but amazing. I’ve made it a point to learn the business side of writing as well. Along with craft, that’s also important. It took me a little over two years to see my story published, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

What influenced you to write?

I’ve always been a voracious reader. Initially though, it wasn’t a book that sparked the idea for my very first awful attempt at writing. *g* I was taking a Sociology course on serial killers, and I had this idea, that at the time seemed really awesome. Looking back though, it was really messed up. I won’t ever forget that day though when I felt the desire to write.

What inspired you to write romance?

I’ve always been a sucker for a great love story. Be it book or movie, if it ended happily, I’d be first in line to read or see it. *g* Honestly though, there’s so much negativity in our world. We all need a break. Reading a romance to me, or something that can make me smile lightens my day and makes me feel better.

What genre or sub-genre do you write? Why did you choose this genre?

I write under two pen names. Abbey MacInnis
writes heartwarming and passionate romance. I don’t like restricting myself to just contemporary or historical – love variety in my writing. With my Abbey books, you’ll always get an HEA and passion. As Eve Knight, same goes with the subgenre issue. The main difference is that my Eve work is less mainstream, and erotic. There may not always be an HEA, but just an HFN ending, and the sexual content and language may be more graphic than some readers would prefer. I don’t have any Eve books available yet, but you can always check my site http://www.eveknight.com/ if you’re interested. *g*

What motivated you to write your current book?

Marguerite Arotin and I heard about the new series that The Wild Rose Press started. We got together and decided we’d write about two sisters who found love in Wayback Texas. I love the series. We’re in great company with some very talented authors. It’s really cool to see how the series keeps evolving with each book. The town continues to grow. New characters are introduced, and we get to see like in my story, familiar characters such as Gina Logan and Patty Pie.

While writing Delighting Miss Daisy, the characters, in particular, Daisy took me down a path I never intended on traveling. I honestly considered not finishing the story. Before I knew what I’d written, Daisy’s past was right there on the screen before me. I had a woman who’d suffered through and survived a horrible relationship, who lived to tell her story. She was given a second chance at life, unlike the million women each year who die at the hands of their abusers.
However, since I’d come this far, I needed to tell Daisy’s story. I had to tell it for all those women, some men, but especially the children who have or have not survived, or are currently in a bad situation. I had to tell it for all those who chose not to leave and suffered the horrible consequences of not doing so, and those who wanted to leave but couldn’t get out in time. I had to tell it to hopefully, help just one person see and come to grips with their present situation, to give them the inner strength and perseverance to reach out for help.
If Daisy were a real woman, the help she sought almost came too late. She had to dig deep to find the strength in herself to leave and get back on her feet. No one could do that for her. She had to hold onto hope with both hands. Even with the support of her siblings, she was the one who had to go on living even though she was afraid.

I hope Sam and Daisy’s story not only entertains you, but opens your eyes to how strong survivors who have moved on after an abusive relationship really are. Brave and courageous aren’t strong enough words to describe how they endured the hell they suffered through. Even those who weren’t’ fortunate to survive should be remembered with having strength. They should NEVER be allowed to be forgotten.

How much time do you devote to writing each day?

Well, if it’s a perfect day, I’ll get about 4-6 hours worth of work done, but normally I get just a few hours in. I work from home, but there’s always little things that need to be done. I’m still working on managing my time effectively. *g*

What are you working on now?

My current Abbey WIP is a Time Travel Regency with a little fantasy and suspense thrown in. *g* The Eve WIP I’ve just started involves a mermaid and a Viking.

How do you write? Are you a panster or a plotter? Is it your characters or your plot that influences you the most?

Every story is different. I can’t plot out a book scene by scene. That totally ruins the story for me. Part of what keeps me writing is what will happen next. Before I start a story, I like to have a general idea of my characters, their GMC, the black moment, and the resolution. I don’t always have all of those elements when I begin, but I find them once I get further along in the story.

What was the most usual way you came up with a story idea? I mean, I’ve gotten a plot idea from a song I heard, from brainstorming with a classmate. What unusual thing caused you to think, ‘hey, I could make that into a story?’

Oh, lol I haven’t written this story yet, but I was at a wedding, and the DJ played “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. This story unfolded right in front of me. I got chills right there at the reception. That’ll definitely be a book I’ll write.

What is your all time favorite book?

When I first started reading romance, I got hooked on Elizabeth Lowell. Her love scenes are so sensual, so beautiful. She’s one of my favorite authors, but I have so many, and all for different reasons. It’s difficult to choose.

How do you do research for your books? What’s the most interesting bit of research you’ve come across?

For my current WIP I’m finding myself asking questions to several RWA chapter loops I belong to. I’ve always loved the Regency period. Writing in that particular time period can be challenging however. So I’m checking and rechecking my facts.

What advice would you give aspiring writers today?

Know the market, but don’t write to it. I’ve heard that from many authors. Learn the business side of writing as well as craft. Write everyday even if it’s just a page.

How do you like your fans to contact you?

I’d love to hear from you. You can send me an email at:
Feel free to friend me at My Space:

Or Bebo:
Join my Abbey/Eve Yahoo news group:
You can also check out my Manic Readers page:
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Miss Slick One said...

Fantastic information, Abbey! Keep up the great work! I'm going to pop over to your site and peruse a little :)
Have an awesome day!
Phyllis Sherer in SC

blessedheart said...

Great interview, Abbey! I love black labs, too, and your book sounds wonderful!

Rhhonda :-)

Anne Carrole said...

Hey Abbey--congrats on a great story from a fellow Wayback author! It's a great series and Delighting Miss Daisy is a great addition!

kerribookwriter said...

Abbey, thanks for writing a book about surviving abuse and starting over. I've had a relationship like this in the past but now I've found a real and beautiful love in a man who treats me like his princess. Starting over is the hardest thing I've ever done but I never knew what happiness I was missing in my life until I actually found it. I'm looking forward to reading this book.

My best,

Elaine Cantrell said...

My characters also sometimes insist on their own way. The results are usually interesting, not what I expected at all.

Elaine Cantrell

Harris Channing said...

Hi Abbey! Loved the interview and wish you all the best with your books! Love the trailer too.


CrystalGB said...

Great interview. :)

Linda LaRoque said...

Enjoyed your interview Abbey. You got published pretty fast. That's awesome!
I love the Wayback books and yours sounds like another super read.
A Law of Her Own

Abbey MacInnis said...

Thanks, everyone for leaving your comments. :-)
Phyllis, hope you enjoy my site. :-)
Rhonda, even though my Lab wakes me much earlier than I'd sometimes like, I love her to death. :-)
Hey Anne, thanks for stopping by! Ditto for Rewrite At the Rodeo too. :-)
Kerri, I'm so pleased to hear things are better for you. :-) Congrats for finding that happiness and taking charge of your life. :-)
Elaine, sometimes when our characters surprise us, things can turn out much better than we even imagined. :-)
Harris and CrystalBG, thanks for stopping by. :-) Harris, I have my buddy Marguerite Arotin to thank for the awsome trailer. :-) Personally, I love the crickets at the end. lol
Linda, congrats to you as well for A Law of Her Own. :-) Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Bess McBride said...

How interesting, Abbey! I have a degree in counseling psychology and am a licensed therapist...though I've also centered my efforts on writing. I had extensive training in domestic violence against women and did some volunteer work with a crisis line. We have a lot in common...including TWRP.

Bess McBride

BethRe said...

I love Elizabeth Lowell also, especially her older books

Abbey MacInnis said...

Bess, Yes, it appears we do have quite a bit in common. :-) How awsome. :-)
Beth, Yes, Elizabeth Lowell's older books, especially her Medieval trilogy with Untamed are really excellent. lol Don't get me started on listing my faves. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi you. I stopped by to say hi. Have a good one. Cheryl

Abbey MacInnis said...

Hey Cheryl, Good to hear from you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The book sounds like a winner. But I'd expect nothing less from you.
Carol Jo

Tessy said...

Hi Abbey/Eve...great job on the interview and here's to great writing sucess!

Abbey MacInnis said...

Hi Carol Jo and Tessy. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

catslady said...

I love when authors talk to their characters as real people. Sounds wonderful.

catslady5 at aol.com

ddurance said...

Hey Abbey! How do you like social work?
I'll have to check out Elizabeth Lowell, I've seen many of her books working at a library, but I haven't read any yet.


Raonaid Luckwell said...

Great interview! My friend has a dog that has black lab and let's just say he's a handful!

Raonaid (at) gmail.com

Dina said...

Hi Abbey,

Loved the interview!

Anonymous said...

great interview

i love dogs but i cant have one my cat who owns us wont let us have one

Abbey MacInnis said...
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Marguerite Arotin said...

To my writer sister-in-crime ;-),
Great interview hon. I enjoyed reading the post.

Abbey MacInnis said...

Catslady, yes, it's wonderful when your characters talk to you. lol It makes the writing go much faster. :-)
Deidre, you should really check out Lowell. :-)
Hi dina, nice to meet you as wel. :-)
Raonaid, my Lab can be a handful, but I'll tell you, she's the best source of warmth I have in the winter. :-)
Angietheresa, lol you por thing. :-) To be lorded over by a cat. :-)
Marguerite, my sister of the pen, :-) hey girl, thanks for dropping in. :-)
I just once again want to thank Anna Kathryn for having me here today, and all of you for stopping by. :-)

tigger9 said...

Hey! First time that I have heard of you and your writing sounds really good. I would love to read some of your books. They sound really good. I loved your interview.

Sindee Sexton said...

Great Blog, Abbey! Can't wait to read your book!


Abbey MacInnis said...

Thanks tigger9 and Sindee for stopping by. I'll be announcing the winner soon. :-)