October 26, 2008

Sorry....I missed the Friday Record

Sorry, I forgot to do the Friday Record. It was a crazy week, nothing bad, just really busy. And on Friday, I took my granddaughter to see some exotic animals (a liger- a cross between a lion and tiger) and have lunch with my mom, daughter and granddaughter. Then I had to get things together to attend the Northwest Houston RWA chapter's Lone Star Conference Friday night and Saturday. Since I live an hour's drive away, I decided to stay up in north Houston instead of making two round trips. I don't have a lap top, so couldn't post while gone.

The conference was great and I'll be posting about it in a couple of days with pictures....not that I'm in any of them, cause I was the one taking the pictures....lol.

BTW, stop by Monday, the 27th and visit with my guest blogger 27 October Lynna Banning who writs Historical Romance for Harlequin Historicals. She'll blog on "Seven Things I Wish I'd Known When I Was a Beginning Fiction Writer." Check out Lynna's website at:

~Anna Kathryn

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