October 5, 2008

Author Skhye Moncrief

Should a girl trust her gut or a hunky guy?

And don't think she won't use her grenade...

All hell is about to break loose along the timeline.


I'm thrilled to finally be able to order a print copy of the first SONG OF THE MUSES anthology. Three authors penned inspiring and sexy stories for three Greek muses...


Calliope When the muse of writing, Calliope, challenges Zeus to end her immortal existence, she faces the reality of death in Hades. Only Jake Genoese, an archaeologist' s soul, can outwit Zeus's Harpies and help her find new purpose. Far more is at stake when both realize they are no more than pawns for ANCIENT MUSINGS.


Melpomene Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, risks everything to save Rowan Stewart's life. Devoted to Scotland in life and the God of War in death, Rowan struggles to understand her undying devotion to him. Can a melodramatic Grecian Goddess and a resolute Scotsman truly love one another? Find out in HIGHLAND MUSE.


Eutrepe Hades, Zeus, Hestia and the chaos of a forgotten memory, Eutrepe hurries to fulfill her quest to unlock the buried words to complete Ceris' unfinished song. Their bond forged the night she's almost killed, Ceris must venture to the underworld to save her and bring them both into DESTINY'S LIGHT.

My story is ANCIENT MUSINGS--a story that takes place in Hades.
One's darkness proves the other's light.

Contest just for today...

I'm giving one lucky person a pdf of UNIQUE TRANSFORMATION, http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=933.

All you have to do to enter is tell me the what the number three means to Aron MacKintosh in NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE. Just read the 1st chapter and post your reply here by midnight CST, October 6th to be in the running.



Hang out with a pack of ghouls at http://blog.skhyemoncrief.com/ this October to talk about interesting topics certain to be found in paranormal romances, recipes, prizes, and Tarot.com Kharma coins. We're trying to win all the kharma coins we can to get free astrology/tarot/numerology/fengshui/etc. information. Join the fun! There are treats for all! ~Mistress Skhye



Never confuse love with carnal attraction.


Thanks for having me, Anna K. ~Skhye


Skhye said...

So, what's everyone going to be for Halloween? Me, I'm just functioning helping a 3-yr old with the event. I guess I will look the nanny by default. LOL

Skhye said...
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Hywela Lyn said...
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Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Skhye and Anna K

Congratulations on the release of Book One of 'Song Of The Muses'.

I loved reading 'Ancient Musings' and your new book also looks wonderful.

It is so exciting to see the first book of the Muse series released and I am so thrilled to be included with such a classy, tallented group of authors in this series. I can't wait to hold all three volumes in my hot little hands! :)

As for Halloween, we don't make nearly as much of a 'thing' of it over here as you do in the US, so I'll probably just get some goodies in and dole them out to any 'trick or treaters' who call.

I was given a 'witch' doll (as a wedding present' would you believe?) with red eyes that light up and an evil cackle. I place her in my window and take her with me when I'm doling out the treats. Some of the young ghouls look quite shocked when she rolls her head and lets out that laugh!

Skhye said...

LOL, Lyn! I bet that's your most treasured wedding gift! I usually just hand out candy myself. And watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Dina said...

Hi Skhye,

Your books sound great!

I like to sometmies dress up and hand out candy, or just take my grandkids trick or treating, that's so much fun.

Skhye said...

I agree, Dina. Taking small children out trick or treating is the best way to celebrate. They're so excited! It's like Christmas morning but better. :)

Michele Hart said...

Hi Skhye,
Congrats on the release of Song of the Muses, Book I. I'm so excited about the entire series! And congrats on Naked, as well.

I wish you wonderful sales numbers!

Your muse sister,
Michele Hart
author of No Funny Stuff!
Song of the Muses, Book III

Skhye said...

Thanks! All wishes are welcome. ;) Michele's novella in the SONG OF THE MUSES anthology should be available in print by the end of October. We don't have an exact date yet. But she's in the third volume of SONG OF THE MUSEES.

Anne Carrole said...

Congrats on your release Skhye!

Skhye said...

Thanks, Anne. ;)

ddurance said...

Three is how many days she hung on the stairs and also

She could count the three freckles on his nose.

Three was a lucky number. Luck born out of serious conditions.

So much for three.

Hope that covers everything. LOL


P.L. Parker said...

Hi Skhye:

Great blog.


Tena said...

Hello Skhye and Anna K
This is my first time here, Congratulations on the release of Book One of 'Song Of The Muses'. I really want to read this book take care

Tena said...

She could count the three freckles on his nose. And three was a lucky number three and he showed her everything

shirley said...

your book sound great, my son who is only a month old is to small to trick or treat but it is fun to see all the costumes out there to your ? I believe it is three freckles on his nose, his lucky number and he is on three going to sho his birthday suit

Skhye said...

Thanks, Tena, Shirley, & PL.

Skhye said...

Congratulations, Deidre Durance! You won the pdf of UNIQUE TRANSFORMATION. Please email me at skhye@skhyemoncrief.com to claim your prize.

Thank you, Anna Kathryn for having me here. And thanks to everyone for stopping by. ~Skhye