August 18, 2008

Win a download of Golden Opportunity AND a $6.00 gift certificate!!

Thank you so much for having me, Anna! Golden Opportunity is my newest release and I'm thrilled to say it's made the best seller list on the Wild Rose Press homepage. To celebrate, I'll be giving away a download of Golden Opportunity AND a $6.00 gift certificate for the Wild Rose Press to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave me a comment. :-) Also, I'm a participating author in the Summer Sony eReader promotion going on right now. For full details check out the Wild Rose Press homepage:

I'm going to post a few excerpts today since Anna was kind enough to let me play on her blog...LOL

* * *

James whistled a happy tune as he strode away. No doubt about it, little Miss Gold Digger would be begging him to buy her out by the end of the week. Hell, maybe even by the end of the day. The sooner the better, as far as he was concerned. A man could only take so much temptation. And Miss Angela Roberts was temptation with a capital T. He couldn't get within five feet of her without wanting to pull her into his arms and kiss her breathless.

Christ, there he went again, letting her monopolize his thoughts.

"Hey, there you are. I was afraid I'd have to search every corner of this place, like last time."
James turned to see his lawyer, Calvin Henderson heading his way. The older man watched the ground as he walked, bringing a grin to James' face. "You don't have to worry about stepping in anything back here, Cal."

"Sorry, but last time I had to toss my shoes. And they were Italian loafers."

The two men shook hands and James gave him a thump on the back. "I told you to bill me for 'em."

Cal shrugged that off. "I'd be happy if you just remembered to carry your cell phone."

Before James could respond, Cal's attention was stolen by something behind him. James turned to see Angela maneuvering the wheelbarrow over to the manure pile. Even handling horse shit the woman was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. He swung his gaze back to Cal. Seemed the older man agreed.

"Don't suppose she's single?"

James hated the twinge of jealousy that clenched his gut. "Christ, the ink is barely dry on your divorce papers."

"But it's dry." Cal turned back to James. "Unless, of course, you have dibs?"

James snorted. "What are you, sixteen?"

Cal grinned, his eyes narrowing perceptively. "You want her."

God, yes. "Hell no. I want her shares of the Double M back, and I want her conniving ass gone." With that, James spun around and stalked toward the house. Chuckling, Cal followed.

Once they were seated in his study, James slapped the papers into Cal's hand. "She's got two weeks to play rancher, then her ass is gone."

Cal perused the contract with amused interest. "You know, that's the second time you've mentioned her ass in what, five minutes?"

"And I'm gonna kick yours if you don't get serious here." James swiped a hand through his hair, his frustration mounting. Cal was as perceptive as they came, which was why he ranked as one of the top attorneys in the state.

Cal gave him a quizzical look and tossed the contract on the desk. "It looks fine, James. But if this Angela Roberts is truly nothing more than a gold digger, why would she suggest such a thing," he gestured toward the contract, "let alone make it legal?"

James had been asking himself that very same question since the moment his head hit the pillow last night. But the bottom line was it just didn't matter. The last thing he wanted or needed in his life right now—in any capacity—was a woman. And with this being a busy month for the ranch, he wasn't exactly happy about having to babysit one for the next two weeks.

Never mind the fact he'd been walking around at half-mast all morning. He just couldn't get the intoxicating smell of her out of his mind. When she'd squeezed in close last night to read the contract, the sweet scent of apples had wrapped around him like a silk scarf, and all he'd wanted to do was lean forward and bury his face in her glorious auburn mane.

Jesus, there he went again. Focus, you bonehead!

"Hell, I don't know. Maybe she figures she'll have me wrapped around her little finger by then."
Cal's grin returned. "She'd be wearing me as a diamond necklace by then."

James shook his head, a reluctant smile lifting the corners of his mouth. "Buy yourself a little black sports car, Cal. In the long run, it'll be a whole lot cheaper."

The older man's eyes twinkled. "But not nearly as much fun to ride, my friend."


Eden Rivers said...

Golden opportunity sounds awesome, Donna! Can't wait to read it!

Helen Hardt said...

You know I'm excited about this one, Donna!


Mary Ricksen said...

With a name like Golden Opportunity how could you lose? Best of luck on what sounds like an excellent read!

Drea said...

Oh wow, that sounds great. Building up some nice steam there. Cant' wait to find out what happens next.

Rachel said...

Great excerpt, Donna! What a fun book !!

peggy said...

Your book sounds great.

Meagan Hatfield said...

It's on my TB shelf!

Major congrats on making the Best Seller list too, Donna!

Anonymous said...

love the name of the horeine (not sure i spelled that right)


Liza James said...

Oh, wow, thank you everyone for posting! I was just hoping at least two people would post so it would be a real contest...LOL

I'll post the winner tomorrow. If the rest of you feel compelled to purchase a download, don't forget to email your order number for a chance at winning a Sony eReader. :-) Full details at

Liza James said...

Thanks, Angie! I think Angela is a beautiful name. ;-)

TamiC said...

The excerpt was great, it sounds like it is going to be an interesting read. Thanks Anna for having Donna here and sharing.

Sandy said...


Congrats on making the best seller list. It sounds awesome.


Liza James said...

Thanks Tami and Sandy!

Margay said...

Intriguing. Love the last line of the excerpt!

Margaret Tanner said...

Great excerpt Donna.
I love cowboy stories.

Wendi said...

Love it, Donna! I'm looking forward to a chance to curl up with this one. :)

Congratulations on hitting #1 on the bestseller list!!!

Wendi Darlin

Anonymous said...

I am excited about reading this book.
Debby Creager

Dina said...

Congrats Donna on making the WRP bestseller's list.

Enjoyed the excerpt Donna.Sounds great. :)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Major congratulations on #1 with Golden Opportunity, Donna. I knew you had nothing to worry about. :)
It's a great read!

Liza James said...

Wow, thanks everyone!

Margay, you're the first person to mention the last line, and I'm so glad you liked it. *G*

Margaret, I love cowboys, too, and I really fell in love with Golden, Colorado while researching it. :-)

Wendi, thanks for stopping by, I know you've been busy. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Dina, I'm stilled a little stunned to have made the #1 spot. Cowboys do seem to be the hunk du jour with us ladies...LOL

Hi Stacey! Thanks, for everything! GO is what it is thanks to all your help. ;-)

Cynthya said...

Loved the excerpt. It had some great lines that made me smile, like "Even handling horse shit the woman was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen" and of course the last line "But not nearly as much fun to ride, my friend." Congrats on making the best seller list at Wild Rose!