August 9, 2008

Help with a nick name - win a prize

Okay, I'm finally writing a new story. My heroine's name is Leslie (can't be changed, cause she's Leslie in the book set to be released this November). I have her as being a klutzy blonde. (who knew klutz was spelled with a K...not me, I was spelling it with a C--it's a great thing to be a writer who can't spell lol) Not stupid, she's a highly intelligent lawyer, youngest partner ever in her law firm. So, what sort of nick name would her middle school/high school classmates have given her?

Any suggestions? If I chose the one you suggest, you'll win a prize...I don't know what yet, cause it's 12:30 in the morning and I'm too muddle minded to think of a good prize, but it'll be nice.

She's about to run into a gang of her old classmates, after a klutzy accident leaves her with a broken high heel shoe, her coiffed hair hanging down (guess it's not coiffed then, huh?) and coffee stains/tears on her suit and one of the old 'buddies' is going to call her by the name. That's really going to piss her off.


~Anna Kathryn


LadyVampire2u said...

How about:

Liability Leslie
Unlucky Leslie
What a Mess Les
Nerdyness Les
Miss Les Her Nerdyness

Hopefully the suggestions help.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Oh, I like those. Thanks! I really couldn't think of anything.

~Anna Kathryn

Virginia said...

Blond Bimbo Les
Messy Lessy
Forever Hopeless
Klutzy Lutzy

mamasand2 said...

How about:

Le Klutz
Luckless Les


peggy said...

dizzy lizzy
graceful les
hurricane leslie

robynl said...

Oh Hapless One
Nimbo Bimbo
Miss Accident Prone

Theresa N. said...

You can call her what my husband always calls me when I drop something, burn something...Grace(short for graceful while laughing). He always says Well Grace what have you done now.
Theresa N

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Great suggestions. I've done some brainstorming on this story (I don't plot, but I do usually get a background in my mind) and decided that Leslie moved to the small west Texas cowtown when she as about 12, after her parents died and she had only this great-uncle or distant cousin to care for her.

I think she'll have grown up in some exoctic place, like Japan or France (okay, I guess we don't think of France as exoctic, but you know what I mean). And so she is so far removed from these people, she doesn't know how to fit in.

The town is itty bitty, everyone has known everyone for generations. So she doesn't have a really fun time there. But the hero is going to have liked her, just didn't know how to approach her. She on the other hand, really dislikes him.

~Anna Kathryn

squiresj said...

Blond Ditz Les
Hey Blondie
Crazy Daisy Les

Jane Squires -

peggy said...


Margay said...

how about:

or Les-grace

Ginger Simpson said...

People don't always have to use the name of the character in their assessment, so even though her name is Leslie, she could be referred to as something else...

Debbie Disaster
Tonya Tumble
Suzy Screw-Up

Get my drift?
Couldn't resist butting in...just call me... Butt In Betty. *lol*