August 25, 2008

Another FATED HEARTS excerpt

Fated Hearts
ISBN 1-60154-300-X
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Fated Hearts has acquired two wonderful reviews already and I'd love to share them.

5 Hearts/ Reviewer Top Pick--NOR

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Ms. Michaels penned a remarkable story that was heart wrenching and heartwarming at the same time. The characters were extremely believable and I was hoping the entire time that Jordan would be the one to break down Cole’s walls and make him start living again. This is a story that you shouldn’t pass up. I would love to see a sequel dedicated to Kerri and Connor, Jordan’s sister and Cole’s brother. You outdid yourself, Donna. Fantastic job!

Fantastic Stays on Shelf--WRDF

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When I first started reading Fated Hearts, I found hints of Diana Palmer(whom I love) in Donna Michaels voice. Fated Hearts is the type of story that got me hooked on reading and writing Romance. The internal struggles Cole and Jordan strive to overcome are heart wrenching. Jordan is a force to be reckoned with and I don't believe Cole knows what hit him. She doesn't let him get away with wallowing in self pity and some of her antics are laugh out loud funny.

When I got to the end it was with a sigh, a very wonderful love story with a sweet ending. I would recommend Fated Hearts to anyone who loves a good contemporary love story with a couple of feisty characters. I also hope to see Connor and Kerri's story soon.


Here's another Fated Hearts excerpt as promised. This one is in Cole's POV and he's not happy with his body's reaction to Jordan's...body.


Stilled to the point of not breathing, Cole halted his horse next to Connor’s mount, under the shade of a willow oak tree. Damn. As big as this ranch is, over a thousand acres, and we have to stumble across Jordan and Kerri having their picnic. Pounding increased in his head. The girls squirted on sunscreen and proceeded to rub the lotion all over their nearly naked bodies.

Cole’s groin bypassed tight and jumped straight to throb. Closing his eyes, he cursed his weakness. He hadn’t had an erection since his wife died; except for the few caused by thoughts of Bess or the dreams she’d haunted.

Not that he’d lacked opportunity the past two years. He knew without conceit he’d had plenty. But he never gave the flirting a second thought. He felt nothing.

Until now.

He swallowed. Now his body betrayed his heart and all at the sight of Jordan who, by the measure of the bikini she wore, was practically naked.

Blood raced to his groin as he gazed at his curvy ex-neighbor. He’d always known she’d grow up beautiful but, taking in her ample curves and long torso, what he saw was a knock out.

And that’s exactly what she was doing; knocking out a piece of the carefully built wall he’d erected around his emotions. She attacked his libido like a heavyweight in a title match—he didn’t stand a chance.

Leather groaned under the stress of his clenching fists. He didn’t want to feel. Not now. Not with her.

Jordan stood and lifted her arms above her head to stretch.

Hunger ripped through him and gripped tight. Tall and lean, she made him sweat as her curvy butt, barely concealed under her blue bottoms, dried his throat. Damn near perfect. Her top, which at that angle didn’t cover her abundant, more than a handful bust, twisted his gut. I take it back. She is perfect. He would’ve salivated if he had any saliva left. She had him fully aroused without even touching him.

Her hands returned to her sides and everything fell back into place. He expelled the breath he hadn’t realized he held and, Heaven help him, continued to survey her body. A strong urge to place his mouth in the curve of her waist and trail kisses to the bottom of the tiny blue triangle awakened the rest of his long dormant cravings. Did she taste as hot as she looked?

Hell. He wanted to strip off the blue cloth and feel her flesh quivering beneath him. Desire turned so fierce, need nearly doubled him over.

Was this intense response from being celibate for the past two years...or just his reaction to Jordan?

He gripped the reins tighter. I owe Bess. How can I even think these thoughts, let alone allow myself to be driven into this state?

Self-loathing lessened the intolerable need. He swallowed and turned toward his silent brother. A pulse pounded in Connor’s neck as he gazed at Kerri in a similar manor. At least he wasn’t alone in his tortured state.

Another quick glance at the girls and Cole’s heart stopped altogether. Incredibly, Jordan shielded her eyes and looked straight in their direction. Remaining still, he prayed the trees shaded them enough from her view. Now was certainly not a good time for a confrontation.

When Kerri stood and joined her sister in the search, he thought for sure they were busted. Relief swiftly flooded his body when the girls stopped and began to playfully romp with each other before disappearing down the ocean trail.

That’s what he needed—a cold soaking.

He cleared his tight throat. “I uh vote we high-tail it to the stable. I’ve seen more than enough.”

Connor lifted his hat, swiped an arm across his sweat soaked forehead, then placed the hat back on his head. “I’m with you little brother. Those California bikinis sure don’t leave much to the imagination, do they?”

“No, they don’t.”

“Still.” Connor lips grew into a mischievous grin. “Those two sure can fill them out, or should I say—fall out.”

Groaning at the images those words conjured, Cole turned his mount. “Let’s just go.”

Without waiting for his sadistic brother, he galloped toward the stable, putting as much distance as he could between Jordan’s sexy curves and his pent up body.


Debra St. John said...

Wow, Donna! I am all caught up in your story. I might need a cold dip! I can't wait to read it. Congrats on all of the great reviews!

Donna Michaels said...

Hi Debra,

Glad you enjoyed my snippets. Thanks for the congrats.

~Donna Michaels

Elaine Cantrell said...

My, my! Very nice. Congratulations on your reviews too.

Elaine Cantell

Donna Michaels said...

Hi Elaine,

Thanks a bunch!

~Donna Michaels