August 20, 2008

Thanks, Donna

Thanks, Donna for guest blogging. It was great to read about your stories and nice to learn about you.

I'll have another Donna on Monday, August 25th when Donna Michaels jumps in to guest blog.

Now, I know I need to makes some comments myself, so I'm going to do two things, which I hope won't bore people. On Wednesdays I'm going to post recipes. I'm not the world's best and easy is what I like (except with me....well, at least not the fast part), but I'll find something to post each week. And I'd like you all to post recipes, too. Since it's not quite midnight here in Central Daylight Savings time, I'll post a recipe in just a bit.

Also, I have this really cute book called "It's About Time: How Long History Took" by Mike Flanagan. It tells you how long things took (like Columbus's first voyage, the War of the Roses, etc.). I'm going to post a tidbit on Friday's each week and we can discuss that.

I hope this will make my blog somewhat interesting, and I hope you'll join me.

~Anna Kathryn Lanier

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