August 11, 2008

A Trail of Love Followed by Bess McBride

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Moving along with the day! Thanks again for your comments. Remember, if you watch the book trailer for A Trail of Love on my website at and post a comment to this blog with the name of the handsome bear ranger, you'll be eligible to win a free download of the book and a gift certificate from Anna Kathryn Lanier.

And while we're talking about A Trail of Love, why don't I tell you about the book. As many of you might know, this is my second summer working seasonally as a park ranger at Glacier National Park. I love to write books to celebrate my travels, and this is one of my favorites. I hope I captured the beauty of Glacier National Park in the story.

Here's the blurb and an excerpt and a lovely review.

Kerrie is on the run from a painful past, and she hides in plain sight as a summer employee in the majestic setting of Glacier National Park. Lonely and isolated from the family and friends she left behind, she dreams of the day when a kind and gentle man will say to her: “I fell in love with you the first time I saw you across the room.”

Dace Mitchell could be that man! The handsome bear ranger rescues Kerrie from her own foolish behavior--more than once--and she finds herself drawn to him against her will...until she discovers he’s already involved with someone else.

When Kerrie begins to get mysterious silent phone calls, it seems the past has caught up to her. Can Dace save her from a violent man who will stop at nothing to have her?

Dace cleaned off the battery posts and reattached the cables. He got back in the truck and turned the ignition over. The truck started right up. Kerrie was sure she actually heard it purring under his care.

Dace unfolded his long legs from the small truck and got out. “There you go,” he said with a grin as Kerrie kept her distance.

“Thank you, Dace. I really appreciate your help. I should get one of those gizmos so I don’t have to stand by my dead truck like a helpless female.”

His eyebrows shot up, and he tilted his head inquiringly. “I doubt you’re helpless. I’ve discovered you women are pretty handy when you need to be. Goodnight, Kerrie.”

Dace climbed in his truck and watched Kerrie pull out of the parking lot. Her taillights disappeared into the night. What was with that woman? For that matter, what was with him? He had better things to do than stalk an unwilling female. Didn’t he? A vision of his sterile, lonely apartment in government housing popped into view. Okay, so maybe he didn’t have anything better to do.

Still, there was something in those beautiful brown eyes of hers that compelled him. Loneliness was turning him into a hopeless romantic, for Pete’s sake. Every now and then, he caught her looking at him with an expression of... What was it? Longing? Dace bit his lower lip. If anything, Kerrie acted like she would be happy to see the last of him. For the most part.

He smiled at the last thought. There was something about her, and he wasn’t going to be satisfied until he knew what it was...or she gave him firm marching orders. With a sigh, he pondered the night ahead, hoping he would be able to get some sleep...though that seemed unlikely. Images of the silky dark curls of a complicated woman had been interrupting his sleep for the past few nights.

A moose! Baby mooses! Was that the right word? Kerrie had never seen moose before in real life. They were magnificent! The dark brown mother so tall, her long stick-like legs seemingly incapable of bearing her great weight. The dark blonde youngsters, though lighter in color and smaller in scale, were perfect mirror images of their mother.

She turned to face an approaching vehicle, casting a last glance over her shoulder to make sure the moose cow and her calves did not reenter the road.

A large silver truck pulled up to the kiosk and Kerrie wished she could have slid down to the floor of her booth. The driver was Dace and he wore the same Smokey Bear hat as she, except as one of those outdoorsy men, it looked so much better on him. He worked for the Park Service. Her summer had just gotten much, much longer.

Kerrie’s heart tapped an excited rhythm against her chest. If this was any indication of what the summer promised, her hiding place suddenly looked a lot like Paradise.

I'm thrilled to announce that my upcoming August 16th release, "A Trail of Love" received five hearts and a recommended read from Diana at Night Owl Romance.

"Ms. McBride outdid herself with this story. I immediately felt drawn to Kerrie because of everything she had gone through over the years. I felt bad for her that she had such lack of self-esteem for herself. I also fell in love with Dace because he was the perfect knight in shining armor for Kerrie. He was everything that she had hoped to find in a man and so much more. Ms. McBride wrote this story from the heart and she even had me laughing at loud during some of the scenes. Pick up a copy of this story. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. You did a fantastic job, Bess!"

For the rest of the review, follow this link:

The book will be available at and at the Kindle store on August 16th. Print follows in February.

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