April 30, 2012

Summer Vacation via Movies

by Juliette Springs

The temperature is rising and as we spend more time outdoors, it's a perfect time for traveling. Since I just blew my budget going to Vegas and Los Angeles, I have to travel the cheapest way possible—the movies! Movies are the cheapest way to travel. That's right, I said movies. Think about it, you meet different people, see different places, all from the comforts of home or a movie theater. Amazing, isn't it? Whenever my finances allow I'll continue my “in-person” travels to Europe, Egypt, South America... but until then I'm content to travel via movies. This is the time of year that my movie traveling is even more fun.  In a few days one of my favorite times of year will start. Summer Blockbuster Movie Season. On May 4th, The Avengers will be released. In honor of this glorious travel event I decided to share my favorite movie "vacations." 

My top picks are listed below:

1.               1.   Soul Food—Powerful movie about family and forgiveness
2. Interview with The VampireOne of the best vampire movies EVER (Tom Cruise at his best).
3. The Color Purple—The relationship between sisters (I still cry when I watch this movie)
4.  Any Harry Potter Movie—An abused teenager who discovers he inherited magic and later destroys an evil wizard.
5. The Blade Series—Wesley Snipe sas an ass kicking vampire hunter (who's also a vampire)
6. She's All That—A classic 90's teenage flick- about love, peer pressure and acceptance
7. Clueless—Only one of the best teen flicks ever
8. Forrest Gump—A classic, Tom Hanks at his best
9. Underworld series—Another kick ass vampire/werewolf movie
10. Constantine—Supernatural elements, a hint of romance, a lot of action (plus I love Keanu Reeves)
11. The Matrix series—No explanation needed (and more Keanu Reeves)

Other favorites:

1. Clash of the Titans (2010 version)
2. Twilight Saga- New Moon (my favorite out of this series)

In need of a "vacation" check out some of these flicks from your dvd rental company of choice or from your local library.  Feeling adventurous-venture out to the nearest movie theater and travel to exotic locales.

What are some of your favorite movies?

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Caroline Clemmons said...

Just before I read this post, my daughter and I had been discussing "escaping via a movie." I like movies like French Kiss, I'll Be There, American Dreamer, Leap Year, Quiet Man, and too many others to list. I love reading and other things that keep the mind active, but sometimes I just want to be entertained effortlessly. A movie is perfect, and I prefer a happy, light-hearted movie for that purpose. If I'm in a more serious mood, I rewatch something like Sleeping With The Enemy or Double Jeopardy - the one with Ashley Judd.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Juliette. Thanks so much for being my guest today. Great post. Though I write romance, I like the action movies, lol. I like your list, though. Right now, I'm loving R.E.D. and The Adjustment Bureau.

Paul McDermott said...

Glad I'm not the alone in thinking that "The Quiet Man" was the only decent movie John Wayne ever made (well, it WAS set in Ireland!)
Does a TV series count?
My daughter and I are likely to come to blows one day over whether TOM BAKER or DAVID TENNANT was the "best ever" Doctor Who. It's usually easier to compromise and get the popcorn out to watch back-to-back episodes of BOTH.... LOL!
I'm a BIG "Rocky Horror Show" fan - one of the nerds who know the dialogue etc - but I still laugh myself sick every time I watch it! The first "Cannonball Run" movie has the same effect ...!
Someone help me out with a film title? An extremely looooong film, central protag was the DJ who was instrumental in the breakthrough of rock 'n' roll. Almost a 'biopic' and the music used in the film is actual footage of the original artists.
Saw this film ahundred times while locked down on an offshore rig by bad weather for over a fortnight, would love to buy a copy, but can't remember what it's called!

Juliette Springs said...

A movie is a perfect way to be entertained without having to "think" hard..lol. Thanks for sharing your list. I haven't watched many John Wayne movies but I have watched Sleeping With The Enemy-it's a classic.

Juliette Springs said...

Your welcome Anna! R.E.D> was a great movie! Haven't seen the Adjustment Bureau yet. What's it about?

Juliette Springs said...

Hi Paul! A TV series definately counts! That's another great way to "travel". Currently I'm addicted to The Vampire Diaries and Tru Blood. However when television was good I enjoyed "Matlock, Murder She Wrote, GunSmoke, and Bonanza. Not too mention Family Ties, Alf, and The Cosby Show.

marybelle said...

We watch a lot of movies on dvd. I agree about THE COLOR PURPLE - heart wrenching.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Juliette. The Adjustment Bureau is a romance with paranormal twists. Matt Damon stars as a man running for political office who meets the woman of his dreams, but these 'people' say they are not meant to be together, so they do things to keep them apart. It's an interesting story.