May 1, 2012

Spend the Night with Colin Firth

During the month of May, author Brenda Novak is holding her 8th annual Cure for Diabetes Online Auction. So far, Brenda has raised $1.3 million.  This year, she hopes to go over the $2 million mark.  I am donating entire baskets (3) as well as participating in several other baskets with other authors. I will highlight each basket on my blog over the next few weeks.

The Cure for Diabetes Online Auction starts today and runs through May 31st, so you have a month to make bids. You can also set up proxy such, you can say, I'm going to bid up to $50 for this item and set up a proxy bid so that anytime someone else bids on the item, a  counter offer up to your $50 to be done automatically. Also, the auction will send you an email if someone does outbid you on an item if you don't want to set up a proxy bid.  There are over two thousand items on the auction this year, from trips to jewelry to books to conference registrations and more!

Learn more about the auction HERE.

Do you want to spend the night with Colin Firth?  Here's your chance!  Bid on this Pride and Prejudice Movie Night Basket and you can spend as many nights as you want with Colin Firth!

Pride and Prejudice Movie Night Basket

The winner of this auction will win a DVD copy of the BBC version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and an assortment of microwave popcorn, candy, and other goodies for a night of viewing pleasure. A copy of Pride and Prejudice will also be included.

Cash value: $75

Bid on this basket HERE.


Savannah Chase said...

I'm taking part in the auction as well. I love doing the event every single year. Your donation sounds wonderful.

marybelle said...

I have Colin Firth right where I want him. A fabulous contribution.