May 21, 2012

Who are the Fielding Brothers? And what is so important about their lives?

by Marie Higgins

The Fielding Brothers’ Saga is Victorian-set romance, and the first saga I’ve ever written…even though it’s the last to publish. Their father did not have a title, but their uncle was Grant Fielding, Duke of Ashton, and when he died, he would pass the title to the oldest brother, Nicholas. The brothers didn’t grow up hob-knobbing with the wealthy until their uncle took them under his wing. My saga is about the brothers and how they are adjusting to the noble life…and believe me, they’re not adjusting as well you might expect.

I had lots of fun researching the life and times of Victorian people from the higher class right down to their servants. I researched all the places these stories take place – from London to Scotland, and even across the sea to America—San Francisco during the gold rush. I researched the way the nobility lived in the country and lived in London during the season. I’ve had readers tell me they feel like they are really there – in my books – living out my stories.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my men. (I love claiming them as my men, by the way)

Nicholas Fielding – hero (oldest brother) in book #1 “Love Me Always”

Edmund Knight – hero (best friend of Nicholas) in book #2 “Charmed By Knight”

Andrew Dean – hero in book #3 “True Love’s Deception” (Nicholas and brother Gregg play a big part of this story)

Ian Fielding – hero (youngest Fielding brother) in book #4 “Belong To Me”

Gregg Fielding – hero (middle brother) in book #5 “Love Me Always”

 Some people have asked me why I didn’t just write about the brothers—why I involved other people. The reason is, these other characters wanted to have their stories and wouldn’t stop bugging me until it happened. Not only that, but I wanted to be different.

 “Love Me Always” Buy it now at Amazon (on Kindle only until July)
No Way OutCatherine Martin is trapped. Either she wed an elderly man and commit to a marriage without love, or continue living with the father who believes her guilty of murder and one foot outside the asylum. Catherine picks marriage to the Duke of Ashton, Grant Fielding. However, when she stays with the Fielding family before the wedding, she doesn’t plan on falling in love…with Grant’s nephew, Nicholas.
Destined for a lonely life – Nicholas Fielding loves his uncle’s soon-to-be bride, and has loved her since they were children. Now Nick must choose between his dying uncle's last wish to marry, and the woman who will make Nick happy for the rest of his life. No matter how hard Nick tries, he cannot stop his love for Catherine.
A flurry of accidents begins to happen around the Fielding estate and soon all accusing eyes turn to Catherine. When accidents escalate to murder, suspicions expound and even Catherine’s father believes she’s gone mad. Does Nick love her enough to discover the truth?

Charmed By Knight” Buy it now at Amazon (also on Nook & Smashwords)
Megan Ramsey will do anything not to marry the drunken lord selected for her – even if she must follow her parents’ plan and trick a duke into marriage.  Instead of capturing the duke, she mistakenly traps the man who put her family in financial ruins.
Edmund Knight will stop at nothing to take back the deed to his goldmine.  When he meets the thief’s daughter, Edmund sets his mind on charming her in order to get back his treasure.  Will he find the real treasure beyond his precious gold?

“True Love’s Deception” Buy it now at Amazon (also available on Nook & Smashwords)
Not even lies can deceive the heart.
Juliana Beaumont wants to keep her freedom—and her grandmother’s estate in Scotland. But can she do both? Especially when her father demands she marry a man from England before he can give her an inheritance.
Andrew Dean is tired of being the stable help, and jumps at the chance of playing Miss Juliana’s pretend husband. But he doesn’t believe in marrying unless in a church. He hopes Juliana doesn’t discover they are legally married until he can make her fall in love with him. But a secret that has been hidden in his memory for twenty years may just keep them apart.

“Belong To Me” (coming soon to Kindle / Nook / Smashwords)
Charlotte Fielding, tired of being without her wayward husband, travels to Bath to find him. She discovers him at a masked ball amidst the throng of revelers. Her revenge on him is that he doesn’t know who she is, so she seduces him. When his reaction to her identity isn’t what she expects, she hardens her heart against him. Charlotte wants an annulment and nothing less. He talks her into a bargain—to stay as his wife for a month and then if they don’t suit well with each other, he’ll grant her wish. What she uncovers about his life is far more than she bargained for. In addition to the disguises in his closet from his investigative business, she stumbles across secrets. Those of which she wished she’s never known.
Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Ian Fielding has his hands full with proving his innocence. His wife picks that moment to show up on his doorstep, and he’s forced to take her with him. Matters become more complicated when he becomes unexplainably attracted to her. The timing couldn’t be more inconvenient. When the couple take refuge in an old castle own by a recluse beastly lord, they soon become aware that the owner has plans of his own.
Swept into a whirlwind of mystery, passion and adventure, Charlotte must discover the truth of her own heart before it’s too late for them both.

“Love Comes Blindly” (coming soon to Kindle / Nook / Smashwords)
If love isn’t blind to past indiscretions, can absence truly make the heart grow fonder?
Lord Gregory Fielding has been wounded when he travels to Scotland to find the next big story for his London newspaper.  Now blinded, he relies on the soft, comforting touch of one of the nurses at St. Mary’s Abbey.  He thinks she’s a novice, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to give her his heart.
Madeline O’Neil cannot believe her misfortune.  The man she had almost married three years ago is back in her life.  Gregg doesn’t know who she is and she doesn’t dare tell him.  Not until she makes him like the new Madeline.  But as each day passes and her heart grows fonder, she fears he’ll hate her for certain once his eyesight returns.  Especially when he discovers the secret she’s been keeping from him for three years…

Marie Higgins is a multi-published author of romance; from refined bad-boy heroes who makes your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults. Visit her website / blog to discover more about her –


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Thanks for having me as a guest today!

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