April 16, 2012

Passion's Flight - Hero Tegan Murin A Hero with Attitude

Thank you Anna for having me on your blog today. I am thrilled to be here and share my hero Tegan with all of your readers.

When I started writing Tegans book I thought, this should be easy. I love cat's right? Tegan kept hollering at me to have his book next so why not. I should have it pounded out in a few months and then off to another Enforcer and another story. Well, let me just say, that the reality was very different from the way I thought it would go.

I've been asked several times now, what Hero is my favorite. Well, my favorite is also the one I found I liked the least. Troublesome, short tempered and downright rude.  I found very little to work with when I started his story. It wasn't until I got half way through his book that I got it. It was a thump on the forehead with the flat of my palm, could have had a V-8 epiphany. All of his rude, brash and downright nastiness was actually hiding a very vulnerable person.

So we sat down and started from scratch and I found a totally new perspective on his world. Yes, he was still rude, contrary and brutally honest, that was simply his make-up. It is not so much the words he uses when he offers his advice, but the tone and manner when he delivers them that must be viewed.
Tegan is a walking, talking contradiction. He's a fighter, a soldier who won't think twice when comes down to taking a life. He's a Doctor who fights just as hard to save a one.

A loner who keeps his emotional grid locked down tight, and yet, always there for his fellow Enforcers when they are in need of a friend.

Hot tempered, he can fly into a rage with just one wrong word, then offer the most illuminating advice to help you through a tough spot.

So yeah, it took me a while to wrap my brain around this tough were-panther who had so many inconsistencies. After seven long months , pounding out his story, I finally can say this is the most complex, frustrating male I ever encountered and with all his flaws he was so worthy of a happy ending. This is the one guy you want in your corner whatever the situation you find yourself in. Straight up, Tegan puts the H in Hero.

It could be because he is flawed, wounded and misunderstood. A tortured soul who endures his lot in life as best he can and makes plenty of mistakes along the way. But then, haven't we all been there in our lives a time or two? I know when things get to me I can always think about Tegan and hear him tell me in his deep growling voice, 'Pull up your girlie pants and get on with it.'

And the funny thing is, it helps and gets me laughing. Sometimes it just takes one of your creations kicking you mentally in the pants to put everything in proper perspective. So after seven months of hell, at least three rewrites and becoming half bald, pulling my hair out with this cantankerous hunky were-panther. I can now honestly say: thanks for the journey. I'll just take that V-8 now and let the rest come to me as it will.

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marybelle said...

Tegan does sound like my kind of hero.


Shannan Albright said...

Thanks Marybelle. I is my favorite character I've written so far. Guess I must like cranky shape shifters. Lol!