January 23, 2010

New Me - Week 4

Well there's not much to report this week. My machine is broken and has been for a week. Yep, last Saturday I was exercising away and it started with the really weird noises again and a scrapping of plastic against plastic. I finally stopped after about 10 mins and my husband took the thing apart again. This time, the bearings were warped. I immediately sent an email to the manufacture (BH of North America, Bladez Fitness of Foothill Ranch, CA) asking for new parts. Of course, it was Saturday of a holiday weekend, so I didn't hear back until Tuesday, when they asked for "my name, address, telephone number, model, serial number, receipt and brief description of the problem." My husband faxed it to them on Thursday and on Friday, they 'claimed' they never received the fax. So, here I sit a week later, with a broken machine, less than a month old, in my living room. I'm a bit perturbed by their total lack of help. I told them in my first email what was wrong and which parts a needed. And I emailed them back before their closing time on Friday that the fax had been sent TWICE, because my husband got distracted during the first fax and wasn't sure it went through. No response.....

I did watch what I ate during the week and managed to lose a pound, even without the exercising. But I do miss my workouts!

One change I made this week - I am drinking vegetable juice in the mornings instead of orange juice, which anyone who knows me will tell you is what I drink in the mornings. But OJ is full of sugar, so I decided to give it up for a while and see what happens.

Have you made a change in your life style to achieve a more healthy you?

Anna Kathryn Lanier
Where Tumbleweeds Hang Their Hats

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Virginia said...

Right now I am still trying to get some exercise in! I am sorry to hear about your machine! They just don't make things like they use to. You should take it back and request your money back if its just a month old. If your weather is like mine right now you just can't get out and take walks to get in your exercise, because it raining here and the cold weather comes back tomorrow. You had probably just got adjusted to the exercise and now you'll have to start over. It makes me mad when they put junk out on the market and brake easily!