January 25, 2010

Guest Blogger - Jannine Corti-Petska

My fascination with Gypsies began more than 20 years ago after I read a historical romance that had a hot Gypsy hero. The culture's dark mystique lured me into the Gypsy's independent and nomadic lifestyle. Although I own a dozen books on Gypsies, they were well-known for not documenting their history. Researching Gypsies in the medieval period was definitely a challenge.

I had planned much more for this article; however, I had knee surgery two days ago and am rather groggy from the pain meds. So I will leave you to the blurb and short excerpt and, hopefully, I'll return in the near future to talk about what I learned from the Gypsies.

Charlotte Nikolos keenly feels the difference between the dark coloring of the Gypsies who raised her and her own pale hair and skin. When she learns she has two sisters somewhere who share her looks and psychic powers, she's determined to search for her lost family and find answers about her past. But how?

For three years, Rafael Cazares has been away from the Gypsy camp and the woman who makes his blood boil. He's determined to win back Char's trust and recapture her heart. He insists on helping her to find her true family, but someone or something is determined to keep them apart. When a deep dark secret is revealed, Rafael would do everything in his power to keep the only women he has ever loved out of harm’s way. Even if he must die.


“Return me to my father at once.”
Rafael planted his hands on his hips and gazed down at her with a long-reaching light of amusement. A light that brought clarity to Char.
“You wouldn’t dare!”
“But I did.”
“I’ll not be your wife by abduction.”
“You have no say in this, Char. I’ve paid the bride price. Your sire gave his blessing for our union.” He handed her a kerchief to wear.
Char refused to tie it around her head to show her acceptance. “You’ll not touch me.”
His raised brows mocked her.
Char straightened her shoulders. Rafael ignored her stubborn stance and gripped her upper arms, dragging her up his length.
“In time, you will beg me to take you to my bed.”
His mouth quashed her protest. No matter how much she abhorred Rafael, she succumbed to his meaningless kiss.

CHARLOTTE AND THE GYPSY is available in print and ebook at http://www.moongypsypress.com/.

ISBN: 1449976786
EAN-13: 9781449976781

Jannine Corti Petska
Assapora la passione (Feel the Passion)
CHARLOTTE AND THE GYPSY, Moongypsy Press, January 2010
CARINA AND THE NOBLEMAN, Available at http://www.eternalpress.ca/
KNIGHT'S DESIRE, Available at http://www.thedarkcastlelords.com/reviews-knight
REBEL HEART, 2007 Aspen Gold Finalist


Phyllis Campbell said...

Oh, Jannine! You know I love your stories, and this is one I'm going to have to get as well. Best of luck with sales! And...take care of that knee so it will heal properly.


Susan Blexrud said...

Jannine, love the excerpt, and how fascinating to be writing about gypsies. I just saw the Metropolitan Opera's live simulcast of Carmen last weekend, and I was reminded of how mysterious, and downright sexy, gypsies are. It's great to know you're lending your inimitable style to such an explosive, tantalizing subject. You go, girl!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Jannine. Thanks for joining me today. I, too, loved the excerpt and blurb. I'm going to purchase the book asap.


Jannine said...

So nice of you to stop by, Phyllis. Yes, I'm taking care of my knee, lol.

Jannine said...

It's got to be that mystique that's so intriguing about Gypsies, doesn't it? I like writing dark, so Rafael was easy to write because of that.

Thanks for coming by.

Jannine said...

Melinda, I love coming to your blog. You are such a gracious hostess. The next time, I'll write about "What the Gypsies Taught Me."

Thanks for having me here today.

Latesha said...

Jannine, I enjoyed the excerpt and hope to hear more from you about the story. Here's hoping your knee is better soon.

Virginia said...

This sounds like a really good book and I would love to read it! I have always been interested in Gypsies. Take care of that knee, I am sure your having a lot of pain right now just hang in there and it will get better!