January 9, 2010

A New Me

Well, not yet, but I'm working on it. As promised, I'm giving my first weekly update on the 'exercise/diet' thing. Exercise - good.....diet - not so good. I exercised five of the last seven days for 20 minutes a day. I didn't lose any weight, but that's okay, I'm not dieting yet. There was still fudge in the house! It's all been eaten now (by me, as I don't think any one else was eating it). I did resist the urge, twice, to go through MickeyD's drive through and get a quarter pounder with cheese, so I'm proud of that. One day I came home and had a sandwich, the other day I went to Subway and got a ham sandwich, both of which, I think, were better for me.

Yesterday, I went shopping and spent $300 on food (diets are EXPENSIVE!) and will start the dieting on Sunday. I think this way is good. I remember reading several years ago that you should start exercising before starting the diet. In this way, you increase your metabolism before you cut your calories, so that when you start the diet, you're likely to burn the fat faster....sounds good to me!

BTW, I didn't start the diet today because my pastor was ordained a priest today and we had a reception....I knew I wouldn't resist the homemade cookies, so why try?

So, for this coming week, I plan to continue the 20 minute workouts on the elliptical machine and start the diet. Oh, I also plan to cut back on the diet cokes, which I don't drink nearly as much now as I did a year ago when diet coke was all I drank. Now I'm down to 1-2 a day. One of my future purchases may be a water purifier pitcher, so I don't drink as much bottled water.

How about ya'll ... how are you doing?

My tip for the week is this: Don't cut out your favorite food completely (for me, it's chocolate). Just cut back on it. Life should be fun, don't deprive yourself completely! But eat the five pound box in one sitting either....spread it out over a day or two .....lol.

Anna Kathryn


Virginia said...

I am trying to do better, on Monday I cleaned house and mopped the floors, I considered that my exercise for the day. Tues I did all the shopping in town and carried in all the groceries,if that counts Wed, Thurs, Fri I spent about 26 min on the Gazelle and did a few knee bends and toes touches. I guess this is a start. Sorry today I only did laundry and packed up things to take son back to college tomorrow.

LuAnn said...

Don't forget ... when a person first starts exercising, the scale can actually go up a little. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you could gain a little weight wise and still begin to see some trimming!
I'm so proud of you for your efforts. Now, if only I could follow your example!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

LuAnn, you're right, muscle does way more, so you can't get discouraged. OTH, you shouldn't use that as a crutch either...lol.

Virginia, I think sweeping and mopping most certianly count as exercise. I know it breaks me out in a sweat when I do....which I'm sorry to say is about twice a year for the mopping. I kid you not! I hate mopping and my floors show it.


Bess McBride said...

Good for you, Anna Kathryn! Me? I go up and down all the time, but I'm always trying... :-)

Bess McBride