January 24, 2010

Hell is Freezing Over - Whoo Hoo

The New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl. Whoo Hoo! It's about damn time! Personally, I think the two teams who should be there will be there. Both teams went undefeated for much of the seasons, the Colts lasting out the longest without a loss. I think both teams will be evenly matched and I hope it's just as of an exciting game as tonight's playoff between the Vikings and the Saints. Tonight, both teams played a hard game and it went right down to the wire....well, actually past the wire, since they went into overtime when regulation time ended with a 28-28 tie. A field goal by the Saints finished off the game 28-31.

Congratulations to the Saints and the Colts!

Anna Kathryn Lanier
Where Tumbleweeds Hang Their Hats

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Rebecca Lynn said...

ESPN Magazine did a great article on the Saints' quarterback where he talked about how he felt called to stay in New Orleans after Katrina and help that team win a championship. Ever since I read that article, I've been rooting for the Saints. Ah. I love football.

Is it weird to write sexy stories *and* love sports? I hope not. :-)