March 19, 2011

Saturday's Salacious Suggestions

by Jannine Corti Petska

Charlotte Nikolos keenly feels the difference between the dark coloring of the Gypsies who raised her and her own pale hair and skin. When she learns she has two sisters somewhere who share her looks and psychic powers, she's determined to search for her lost family and find answers about her past. But how?

For three years, Rafael Cazares has been away from the Gypsy camp and the woman who makes his blood boil. He's determined to win back Char's trust and recapture her heart. He insists on helping her to find her true family, but someone or something is determined to keep them apart. When a deep dark secret is revealed, Rafael will do everything in his power to keep the only women he has ever loved out of harm's way. Even if he must die.


Jannine Corti Petska
Bringing History and Passion to Life

Coming in 2011:

CHARLOTTE AND THE GYPSY, book 2, The Sisters of Destiny trilogy, OUT NOW!!!

LOVE'S SWEET WAGER, love along the California Trail

THE LILY AND THE FALCON, book 1, Italian Medieval series

SURRENDER TO HONOR, book 2, Italian Medieval series

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Carol L. said...

Some great new reads to add to my TRL. Thanks for sharing the titles and blurb.
Carol L