July 31, 2008

The Prize Giving Continues

No, I'm not doing a Christmas in August. But I will be doing a "Dog Days of Summer" Contest with 11 other authors.


Anna Kathryn will give away two prizes:

1) Stay Cool in the Summer gift package. It'll include a water bottle, chapstick, Bath and Body Works Cool Melon lotion and more.

2) A collection of Hot Romance Novels

(This contest begins August 1st.)

Is the August heat and price of gas keeping you indoors? Never fear. The DOG DAYS OF SUMMER contest has romantic and inspiring prizes to help you beat the heat. Just find the picture of a dog (excluding any book covers) on the following websites to be in the running for prizes from 12 romance authors. To enter, visit each author's website, find the picture of a dog, and note that website page on a list that you will send to happyendings2007@aol.com.
By August 31st, Midnight CST

Participating Authors

Skhye Moncrief
Sky Purington
Bess McBride
Anna K. Lanier
Dayana Knight
Kyann Waters
Connie Rachal
Anh Leod
Aithne Jarretta
Donna Micheals
Tarah Scott
Alisha Paige

Come join the fun! Just go to my website at http://www.aklanier.com/ and click on the 'contest' page for more details.

~Anna Kathryn


Meljprincess said...

Looking forward to this contest!

Mel K.

Caffey said...

Its going to be a fun August! I'll be there!

Tena said...

this will be fun to play I love reading and am always looking for new authors to find

Zulmara said...

Sounds cool...I will need to check out the new contest...

Just wanted to say THANKS!!! for a Great Christmas in July...it has truly been enjoyable...



Eva S said...

Thanks for the fun and all the new authors and books I have on my wishlist. Looking forward to the new contest!

Dena said...

Sounds like the fun will keep on going. Thanks Anna for all the prizes and fun through July.

CrystalGB said...

Sounds like an wonderful contest. I can't wait.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Well, I want to thank all of you for dropping by and visiting this month. I know it was hard to remember to come by and I appreciate it. I think it was a huge success.

Congratulations again to all my winners.