July 3, 2008

The Priceless Gift - Excerpt - PG

Unedited excerpt

After they hung up, Christina took a relaxing shower. Just as she slipped into a pair of Jacob’s sweatpants someone pounded on the front door. Only one person would disturb her peace in such a manner. She slipped into the matching overlarge sweatshirt, wrapped a towel around her wet hair and went downstairs.
The pounding didn’t stop until she opened the door. Gavin stood huffing and puffing on the porch.
“Where the hell have you been? I’ve been calling for the past fifteen minutes.” He pushed past her and tramped into the great room.
She shut the door and followed.
“I was taking a shower. So sorry I didn’t get your permission first.”
He whirled on her and his dark eyes grazed over her body. She stood transfixed, remembering, as she was sure he was, the several showers they’d taken together while on the cruise.
She hugged her arms around herself. “Did you want something?”
“Jacob called and said the roads were too bad for him to make it in tonight. I wanted to make sure you were all right and knew where the emergency supplies were.” He slipped out of his coat and tossed it on a nearby chair.
“Jacob said the generator was outside.”
“Yeah, it is. I’ll come over and start it if you need it. But if the electricity goes out, it’s best just to hunker down in front of the fireplace.”
His aftershave triggered memories of sensual nights, while his jeans hugged his hips and legs like a second skin. Naked images of him caused desire to whip through her only to pool low in her belly.
He went to the den and opened a closet. “Jacob keeps the supplies in here.”
She stood in the doorway and nodded. She had no desire to get within touching distance. If she did, she just might do something really stupid, like kiss him.
His handsome face rose and he sniffed. “What smells so good?”
You. She shook off the arousing thoughts.
“I baked. It’s a family tradition.” She started for the kitchen. “I made plenty. You can take some home.” Leave and stop being a temptation.
He fell into step behind her. When she reached for the plastic bags, his hand gripped her arm and whipped her around. Before she could react, his lips were hot and demanding on her own. She opened her mouth, eager to taste what she knew so well.
The towel fell to the floor and her wet hair tumbled to her shoulders His hands slipped around her waist, pulling her close. Fire shot through her as a whirlwind of emotions engulfed her—desire, need, love and a bit of fear of the known—and unknown.
His fingers slid under the sweatshirt, brushing her bare skin, sending shivers of delight up her spine. He deepened the kiss with a sensual glide of his tongue.
Yes. Oh, God, yes. She needed this as much now as she had six months ago. She molded her body against his, feeling every rock hard inch from breast to thigh. She heard a moan, but wasn’t sure if it was hers or his.
He broke the kiss to feather his lips down her neck and lick the skin behind her ear. Her whole body shivered. He cupped her bottom, holding her against his length.


Estella said...

Love the excerpt!

LadyVampire2u said...

Great excerpt!

Dena said...

I enjoyed the excerpt Anna. Congrats on all the wounderful reviews you have received for The Priceless Gift.

blessedheart said...

I've read The Priceless Gift and it

Rhonda :0)

Drea said...

Wow, that curls the toes just a tad. Thanks Anna!

Cheri Oggy said...

Hi Anna!
HAPPY 4th of JULY! As always, I really liked reading the excerpt.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Thanks for all the comments, especially Rhonda! I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed the story!

Anna Kathryn

PS, Happy 4th of July to you too, Cheri. The 4th prize will be a 4th of July prize package...all sorts of stars and stripes thingies!

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Great job...love the excerpt...



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nice !!!!!!!!!!! Gives one something to think about when baking cookies today :P