July 29, 2008

I can't believe they did that!

LOL...Thanks for the funnies. Another story that comes to mind is about my now 21 year old daughter, mother to the 8-month old, (not the one who flung the nail polish--she's my other daughter's daughter).

When Holly was about 4-5, I was in the kitchen and the phone rang. She answered it, and then it rang again a few moments later. She said, 'Mom, it's for you," which I thought was odd, because it was still ringing. I answered it and this lady says, "This is 911. Is there an emergency at your house?"

I looked at Holly and said something I shouldn't have said, "Holly, I'm going to beat your butt."
I explained to 911 that no, there wasn't an emergency, that my youngest had just called it because I'm sure she was curious about it. "Emergency 911" TV show was very popular then and my oldest loved it. We watched it every week. I think she just wanted to know what would happen when she called.

She hung up, they called back, several times. At least she had enough sense to finally let me answer the phone. Otherwise the Charleston, WV police would have been knocking on our door. That would have scared the beejeevies out of her!

It was nice that the operator called back though, and kept trying. At least I knew if there had been an emergency, they would have followed up on a hang-up call.

~Anna Kathryn

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Dena said...

Thats so funny Anna, I miss the funny stuff my daughter did when she was yonger.