July 3, 2008

The Priceless Gift - more reviews

The Priceless Gift, by Anna Kathryn Lanier Reviewed by Jannine Corti Petska, REBEL HEART Gavin Holloway has been burned by love before. So has Christina Scott. These love-lost souls find each other on a one week cruise in the Mediterranean. But mind-blowing sex wasn’t enough for either to reveal their real persona. At the end of the cruise, they went on their separate ways. Six months later, with the meddling of Christina’s brother, who happens to be Gavin’s good friend, Gavin and Christina are reunited during the Christmas holiday in snowy Montana. Because of their deception on the cruise as well as their past experiences, each has trust issues. Even though they are more than compatible in bed, neither is willing to give in…until temptation could no longer hold them back. When Gavin learns the reason Christina is visiting her brother, her secret almost proves disastrous to their romance. Will love win over the emotional hurt each as suffered? Ms. Lanier hooked me from the first sentence. Gavin is larger than life, sexy and hot. Christina is a perfect match for his don’t-mess-with-me character. I felt their emotions and passion and wished the story was a full-length novel. Ms. Lanier wove real life into her hero and heroine. I recommend The Priceless Gift to anyone who is a hopeless romantic and believes in a Happily Ever After.

Okay, I just finished reading The Priceless Gift. What a thrill! Christina Scott is a charming young lady full of spunk. Gavin Paul is a hunk. (Okay, I didn't mean to rhyme.) Anna Lanier really knows how to light a fire IN FRONT of a fireplace. A cold winter in Montana forces these two people to warm each other up just as a cold past pushes them away. A wonderful read that makes you want Gavin to rescue you from a badger! Judy Garza-Smith

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Melinda, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Priceless Gift and it worked great on my new pocket e-book reader! A fun and sexy read! Great job! Best, Anne Carrole

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