July 31, 2008

The Winners Are - Last Drawing for Christmas in July

I've finally had a chance to do the drawings. And this is the day to be named Cheri! The winner of the July 31st drawing, for an angel bag of Christmas goodies is Cheri2628.

And the winner of the Second Chance Drawing is CheriJ.

Cheri and Cheri, just send me an e-mail at annaklanier@aol.com and we'll arrange getting you your prizes.

Thanks everyone for dropping by this month and sharing in my Christmas in July Extravaganza. Don't forget that you have a two chances to win prizes this month through my website....my guest book comment contest (which I have to fix up, so give me a day or two to upload a new question) and the Dog Days of Summer contest I'm doing with 11 other authors. All information on these two contests can be found on my website on my 'contest' page. (Also found there is information on winning a Sony eReader). www.aklanier.com

~Anna Kathryn


Cherie J said...

How awesome! Thank you very much! Congrats to Cheri as well. It certainly was our day for winning. Thanks for a fun party Anna Kathryn

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