April 8, 2011

Field Trip to Cajun Country

This weekend I'm joining my local RWA chapter, Northwest Houston, on a field trip to Cajun Country--New Iberia, Louisiana and surrounding area. 

9:00 - Left home to run to pharmacy, cause when I left my mom's house last night, I left all my makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste, and as she lived 20 miles in the OPPOSITE direction, I just went and bought some new stuff. 

9:30 - Hit the road, and almost immediately hit traffic, when a truck moving a box the size of my living room and kitchen combined, lumbered up the Fred Hartman bridge.  What should have taken 30 seconds, took 10 minutes.

(NWH Members at Avery Island)

10:00 - stopped for breakfast, remembered it's a Friday in Lent, so got the Egg McMuffin without the meat...yea me!  Merged onto I-10 and called the others who were travelling....note: I live an hour south of where NWH meets and where the group was meeting to hit the road.  We made plans to meet at the Texas/Louisiana border.  In the phone calls, I learned three of the five cars were within 2 miles of each other.

11:30 - Four of the five cars met up at the border and caravaned.

12:30 - Stopped in Iowa for lunch at McDonald's (I had the fish sandwich).

2:00ish - made it to the hotel, checked in, freshened up.

3:00 - Caravaned to the Tabasco Factory on Avery Island, toured factory and the Jungle Gardens (got lots of nature pictures...not sure what I'll do with them, but some really cool pics!).

(Anna Kathryn, Jane Carver and Cheri Jetton)

6:20 - Arrived back at the hotel, freshened up.

7:00 - Met up to caravan to dinner at The Seafood Connection in New Iberia.  Enjoyed conversation and shrimp and oysters for supper.

9:00 - head back to the hotel, got lost, but with some friendly directions and the GPS on my phone (which I finally remembered I had on the phone), we got back to the hotel.

So, that's the first day of the field trip!  On Saturday, we're headed to Shadows on The Teche plantation, St. Martinvill and Evangeline's Tree (can't wait for that), Beaux Bridge (Crawfish Capital of the World) and dinner at the world famous Mulates restaurant (more great seafood!).

Sunday will be just as busy.....stop by and see what we do then!
(More pictures coming when the internet is playing nicer)

Anna Kathryn


Bethany said...

Sounds like it's going pretty well so far! Enjoy the rest of the trip and be safe :-)

marybelle said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Great when shared!!

Melissa said...

Oh, this is so cool! I'm so bummed I couldn't join you guys. Thanks for letting us share in the fun!! Be safe and have a BLAST! Hugs to all! :)

Susan M said...

You might have gotten there faster if you hadn't driven all the way to IOWA for lunch, LOL

Dawn Chartier said...

Glad you enjoyed your cajun country trip.

I've been there once, and forgot how nice it was.

Dawn Chartier

Martha Lawson said...

Sounds like a great time!! Hubby and I spent the last week of March in New ORleans for our anniversary. First time there and loved it!! Ate a lot of great food and saw lots of cool things!!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Martha, I love New Orleans. I lived about 60 miles from it for 8 years. It's a very unique city.