April 27, 2011

English Teacher Harassed for Writing Romances

Friend author Judy Mays on Facebook to show your support.  A parent, who cannot control her son, is asking for the firing of a 25-year English teacher because the teacher also writes romances.  Now, the parent is afraid that her son, instead of doing his school work, will be worried about the looks the teacher gives him...as in 'is Ms. Mays coming onto me?'  Give me a break!

Another area resident has started a Support Judy Mays facebook page, today at about 2:00 ET.  As of now, less than 12 hours later, more than 3,600 have 'liked' the page.

So, join the support for FREEDOM of SPEECH...something this narrow-minded mom seems not to have learned about in school. 

Anna Kathryn Lanier


marybelle said...

I have shown my support. That is just too ridiculous.


LuAnn said...

Let's concentrate on our teachers' ability to educate our children, not on what they do in their spare time! Teachers, indeed, perform an often thankless job ... one that is extremely difficult. To top it off, they are typically underpaid. If they need to supplement their income by writing, more power to them. But we need not judge them as long as it isn't taking away from how they instruct the next generation. And when criticism does occur, we must look at the source. Is it justified or simply misplaced? Too often, it's the latter.

dragonfly said...

I taught in high school some time ago. Loved the kids. Not too fond of the politics. I taught in a Catholic girls school, which was great if I hadn't needed money. I changed to a public school in a disadvantaged area. I was one of 3 "white" teachers. I never had a parent come to the school, but I did make home visits. They made a big deal out of it and were glad that a teacher came to talk to them about their kids. Other countries respect teachers. Why don't we?

Nina said...

there's always somebody trying to dramatize normal living !

E. Ayers said...

This isn't the first time someone has come under fire because they write romance and they teach. Many a teacher has lost her job because she writes, but they are very careful to find another reason for letting that teacher go.

It's very pitiful that a few people can make life so difficult for people who write.

We need good teachers. I don't care if she's a pole dancer in her "spare" time. What matters is how well she can teach.

Does anyone remember when teachers were forced to leave their jobs if they were pregnant because it wasn't suitable to teach children with that baby bump?

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

And yet, mom could have a baby every year or a different man in the house every night.