February 14, 2009

You Need to Study More Geography If You Think...

~ The Balkans are an alien people on Star Trek

~ The Gaza Strip is a Middle Eastern folk dance

~ The English Channel is a TV sitcom about Charles and Camilla

~ The $20,000 Pyramid is in Egypt

~ Butte Montana is Joe's new girlfriend

~ The United Kingdom is a theme park with really big roller coasters (most notably, the Loch Ness Monster!)

~ Andes is an after dinner mint

~ The Dust Bowl is Granny's old favorite dish

~ The Tropic of Cancer is a sunscreen lotion

~ The Bermuda Triangle is a percussion instrument in a reggae band

~ The Cumberland Gap gives out a free pair of clogs with every set of jeans sold

~ The International Dateline is a new website for finding your soulmate

~ The Equator is a cartoon action figure
~ The Continental Shelf is a specialty section of the supermarket

~ An archipelago is a food stabilizer

~ A fault is what you find in other people

~ A fjord is a Norwegian car

Anna Kathryn


Skhye said...

Lord, isn't it scary?

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Yep...sorta like people not even knowing which half of the century the Civil War took place....