February 19, 2009

The Friday Record - Western Words 2

I haven't had time to search for something to write about this week. My life never seems to slow down as I keep thinking it will....lol.

So, I decided to do a quickie lesson again and have you match up Western words again. The words and definitions are taken from Ramon F. Adams' book WESTERN WORDS: A Dictionary of the Old West.

Once again, just match the Numbers to the Letters. Ex. 15 X, 16 Y, 17, U

1. Arizona Tenor
2. Velvet couch
3. Meat in the pot
4. Chopper
5. Gut-robber
6. Fold up
7. Die in the house's nightcap
8. Knobhead
9. First rattle out of the box
10. Heart and hand woman

A. Rifle
B. Said when a horse starts bucking
C. To be hanged
D. Mail order bride
E. A coughing tubercular
F. A cook
G. Bed roll
H. Prompt action
I. A mule
J. A man employed in cutting out cattle

I'll draw a name on Saturday for everyone who tries to match up the words to their definitions. The winner will receive an e-copy of my novella “Salvation Bride.”

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Anna Kathryn


Mary Ricksen said...

Unique idea! Whatever draws readers in, is great stuff.

Barbara Scott said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I love it. What a resource!

Paty Jager said...

You know I can't let something like this go by and not give it a try. LOL

1. C
2. G
3. A
4. J
5. F
6. H
7. E
8. I
9. B

Kathy Otten said...

Okay, I'm positive of one of these, the rest are my best guess.
1. E
2. G
3. A
4. J
5. F
6. B
7. C
8. I
9. H
10. D

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Thanks for playing. Here are the answers:

1.Arizona Tenor E. A coughing tubercular
2.Velvet couch G. Bed roll
3.Meat in the pot A. Rifle, because it's used by a hunter
4.Chopper J. A man employed in cutting out cattle
5.Gut-robber F. A cook
6.Fold up B. Said when a horse starts bucking
7.Die in the house's nightcap C. To be hanged
8.Knobhead I. A mule
9.First rattle out of the box H. Prompt action
10.Heart and hand woman D. Mail order bride