November 26, 2008

I'm back

I got my computer back yesterday, with a new hard drive and fan (so now I don't have any banging going on and it's very, very quiet in my computer room). I have to upload all my programs again and although I know they're on my computer, my documents and my pictures are not showing up by just 'being there.' I have to search for them.....yeah, like I recall what I called all my documents! Obviously, I need to talk to my tech guys so they can tell me how to find this stuff without needing to do a search.

I'll have my Wednesday's Chow recipe up very soon...I have to type it up, because 1) I can't find the recipe I had saved on my computer and 2) Skhye Moncrief has requested I post a cookie recipe anyway.

Anna Kathryn


Virginia said...

Hi Anna, I hate it when we have computer problems. My husband puts an extra hard drive in his computer to back up photos and things so he don't loose them. He put the stuff in folders on his second hard drive and this works really well.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Virgina, thanks for the tip. I have the old hard drive, so they can pull stuff off of it. I know the items are in my computer. I can find them if I do a search for the file name....but, who remembers ALL their file names? :-)

I'll call my tech guys and ask about the problem, but too much going on right now with the holidays to worry about it.

Anna Kathryn