October 20, 2011

The Story Tellers Grove - Donate a Tree

Seanachaidh’s Grove

Scottish Romance Readers, Authors and Publishers

Seamachaidh was the clan tradition bearer, genealogist, historian
and most importantly the storyteller;
a most fitting name
for a grove dedicated by the readers, authors
and publishers
of Scottish Romances and Mysteries.
As trees have played an important role
in the stories we have read, written and published,
here is our chance to give back
to the Scotland we all love.
Donating a tree, about the cost of one paperback,
will help restore
the natural environment and beauty of Scotland.

If you would like to donate a tree to our grove-The Storyteller's Grove-CLICK HERE


marybelle said...

We should be planting more trees.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Great idea, Jacquie. When we were there last, our tour guide showed us former forests that had been felled for British ships. He said there were many trying to reforest the land. I didn't know a specific site, though. Thanks!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Anna Kathryn, Duh! Please excuse my error. It's late, I'm ditzy, and all sorts of other excuses.