October 8, 2010

Think Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Jog

For the past 2-3 years, I've participated in a Breast Cancer Awareness scavenger hunt.  Things were busy for those of us involved in this mega undertaking, so we're doing a scaled back version.  Join me, Skhye Moncrief and Sky Purington for a weekend Blog Jog to help bring about breast cancer awareness.  I'll be giving away a Think Pink gift packet to one lucky commenter, and Skhye and Sky will be doing the same, so be sure to visit their blogs and comment as well.  Each of us will draw names ONLY from those who have commented on our own blogs, so you if you want to be eligible for all the prizes, comment on each blog.

Skhye's giving away a Windchime CD, a pink rubber breast-cancer bracelet and a Time Guardian t-shirt (L).
Sky's giving away a 'Live simply pink' travel mug/T-shirt.

I discovered information on a little known, but deadly breast cancer, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, when I first started doing the scavenger hunt and I've kept up with spreading the word about it over the years.  Once again, IBC is the cancer I decided to highlight here.

My Think Pink prize packet includes: Cherry Blossoms Shower Gel and Lotion from Bath and Body Works, pink roses bath confetti, pink-toned beaded bracelet, a Harvey Lewis limited edition Pink Ribbon enameled ornament accented with Swarovski crystals, a copy of "98 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime" and an e-book copy of my short story "The Perfect Gift." I'll draw for a winner on Monday.

To be eligible to win, please leave a comment with at least one of the symptoms of IBC, found in the video above.

Also, to help fund mammograms for low-income women without insurance, please visit The Breast Cancer Site daily and click to give!

Don't forget to visit Skhey Moncrief and Sky Purington at their blogs for more information on Breast Cancer Awareness and a chance to win their prizes!


Skhye said...


Emma Lai said...

Great cause, Anna Kathryn! Don't worry about entering me. I'm trying to make up for months and months of silence. :)

*yadkny* said...

I think it's absolutely awesome what you're doing Anna! Every bit of awareness helps. I work for a clinic that does free mammograms for low income women and I'm greatful that we're able to offer things like that to people that don't have options. One of the symptoms of IBC is swelling.

Have a great Friday!

Linda Henderson said...

One of the symptoms is a breast larger than the other. I had never heard of this disease, thank you so much for the information.

seriousreader at live dot com

Barb said...

What wonderful information you have offered here. I am a breast cancer survivor (12 years now) but never heard of this one! I don't have any of the symptoms, thank God, but I promote annual mammograms. self-exams and being your own health advocate very chance I get. Thank you for your awareness blog joj!

Barbara Deming

SiNn said...

wow I never knew any of those symtoms thats kind of scary to se eit firsthand i guess ty for sharing because honestly I never knew that a rash could mean more then just a rash or that if one of ur breasts are larger then the other could mean something not healthy too ty for the post and the heads up and The age difference in when it can strike really hits blow the belt

Leni said...

Thanks for posting this video clip. So much important information in under two minutes.
One of the symptoms is nipple discharge.


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I had never heard of this disease until I did a breast cancer awareness even the first time on this blog. I did some research for what I'd do and found IBC. It is a very unknown cancer, but very aggressive, and one we need to be aware of.

Sandra Crowley said...

Kudos to all of you Anna, Sky, and Skhye.

katsrus said...

One of the symptoms is one breast is larger than the other. Very informative video. This is a wonderful way to get people to know.
Sue B

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for helping spread awareness, Anna Kathryn! Super video.

susan said...

One symptom is a rash as well as one breast larger then the other one. I never knew about the rash and on Monday I am going to call for a mammagram as I have a rash. Thanks for the push I needed. susan L.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Wow, Susan. I hope it's just a rash. Prayers and good luck.

Pamela Keener said...

This type of BC scares me.
Symptoms may start as a rash or orangish color and the area is warm to the touch.
Love & Hugs,

Caroline Clemmons said...

Anna Kathryn, this is scary. I have a rash on one breast, so I'm calling my doctor in the morning. She'll probably tell me it's dermatitis, but I want to be sure. Thanks for sharing the info.

Lilly Gayle said...

As a breast cancer survivor and mammographer I applaud your blog. Inflamatory breast carcinoma (IBC) is rare. It only accounts for 1-2% of breast cancers. Surprisingly though, it is no more rare than male breast cancer. Another rare breast cancer is Pagets disease of the breast, not to be confused with Pagets Disease of the bone. Pagets breast disease presents as an itchy nipple and progress to a state where the skin around the nipple and breast looks and feels like an orange-Peau-de-orange.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

A winner! Yes, I finally remembered to draw a winner...and it's Sandra Crowley. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who stopped by!