October 19, 2010

Join me at Seduced by History

I'm blogging at Seduced by History today on a fascinating Victorian Era woman Isabella Bird, who not only travelled the world, but wrote books about her travels.

Stop by and say hi!

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Anna Kathryn Lanier


Vonnie Davis said...

I just read your blog on Seduced by History. WOW! What a gutsywoman for her generation. When I saw your byline, "Where Tumbleweeds Hang Their Hats," I smiled. Is she referring to Shakespeare & Company, I wondered. That marvelously unique bookstore located on the Left Bank of Paris, on a quay along the Seine. George Whitman, an American, who adopted Paris owned the bookstore for years, selling English books and holding poetry and prose readings. He offered struggling writers and poets a place to stay in Paris while they worked on their craft. In exchange for a free bed and one meal a day, Tumbleweeds, as he called them, had to read a book a week and work a few hours in the bookstore. My husband was on sabbatical in Paris in '68-69, writing at sidewalk cafes. He met pony-tailed, Harley riding George at one of the poetry readings. Quite a character.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Vonnie. LOL, know I had no idea about the bookstore. A friend suggested it and I liked it, not even really knowing what it meant to me, other than the rough and tumble hero finally settling down. Then someone said, I think of it as 'stop reading other romances and hang your hat with me.' I liked that! I was just trying to tie it into my western stories.