October 2, 2010

Sweethearts of the West Blog

Friday, October 1 is the Grand Launch of a new group blog called SWEETHEARTS OF THE WEST. We have gathered 14 wonderful authors who write about the West whether the setting is in the Nineteenth Century or the Twenty-First or in-between--we love these authors. We write about ranches and outlaws, skyscrapers and millionaire oilmen, with lovers always on center stage. Join our talented authors who write for all kinds of publishers. We will try to entertain you with a blog by each author once a month. Join us, Follow us, read our posts—and most of all, we hope you love our books!

I'll be on the blog on the second Friday of each month....and I'll be giving away prizes whenever I blog, so stop by and leave a comment.  My first blog, on October 8th will be on The Murder of Pat Garrett.


Anna Kathryn Lanier

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