July 6, 2009

Welcome to Legend!

Hi there! I've been looking forward to guest blogging here, since I met Anna Kathryn at Jennifer Johnson's blog a while ago. Small world, huh?

Which is just what I'd like to talk to you about. Or, more correctly, small town. My newest novel, Where Her Heart Is, was just released by Resplendence Publishing. I'm already getting email from readers who enjoyed it...sighed over it. Yay! Happy, dreamy sighing about life and love in our make-believe small town of Legend, Tennessee.

I was so glad to write this story of Betsy, who was a secondary character in my first Ladies of Legend novella, Midnight in Legend, TN, in the anthology Ladies of Legend: Finding Home. That four-story anthology was the first book in the Ladies of Legend series.

I loved petite, blonde, hugely pregnant Betsy--but I wasn't sure about her husband Mike McClain, who was in that story, but always at the edge of things. I didn't describe him, and he didn't have any "lines." I think I was making him expendable in case I wanted to kill him off--so Betsy could have a romance novel of her own. Well, she got a romance novel, but I didn't have to do anything too unpleasant to Mike. Because he's in this novel too. Here is the blurb:

Two years ago, Betsy McClain gave up on her husband and her hometown. She packed up her baby daughter and moved to the City. Now she's temporarily back in Legend, Tennessee. But when Betsy agreed to this house-sitting job, she didn't know her favorite room was being renovated, or that her handsome almost-ex-husband was the carpenter.

After his wife and baby left him, Mike McClain was forced to grow up. Now he considers himself Mr. Responsibility. LizBeth Ann soon falls in love with her big handsome daddy, who takes her for picnics and is her "date" for little girl tea parties. But though Betsy, with her big blue eyes and cascades of golden blonde hair, looks like an angel, she seems determined to treat him like the devil. How can they let go of the past so the little family can have a future?

Janet Eaves, Jan Scarbrough, Maddie James, and I have a lot of Ladies of Legend stories for you. They're all listed in order at the Legend website.

Legend, though fictional, is a typical small town. There is no shortage of story lines or interesting characters! I feel as if the "people of Legend"--the ones I created, and the ones my co-authors created, are my friends. I hope you'll come to feel that way as well.

What is your favorite story (book, television show, or movie) set in a small town--and why? A randomly chosen commenter will win an electronic copy of Where Her Heart Is. Late Monday night or early Tuesday I'll list the winner's name here, so be sure to check back.

Many thanks to Anna Kathryn for inviting me to be here today, and letting me introduce you to Legend.

Magdalena Scott
"Try a romance novel on...for sighs!"
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~Sia McKye~ said...

ooo, I love the whole idea of Lengend since I saw the first one you guys wrote, Magdalena! I like the premise of this book because people do change and grow up and putting a marriage back together rather than just writing it off is hard--especially when there is baggage and hurt. Sounds like a great read from a great author. :-)

Magdalena Scott said...

Sia, hi there and happy Monday! Thank you for all the kind words, too! Your name is going into the book-winning hat...

Jennifer Johnson said...

Where the heck is everybody? I grew up on "Little House on the Prairie", so I like that small town atmosphere. I think a small town can be as much of a character as the people!

Magdalena Scott said...

Good question, Jennifer. Thank you for being here, though!

Instead of doing the random number thing, I'm going to declare both of my intrepid commenters to be winners of the ebook.

Sia and Jennifer, please let me know your preferred format and I'll send. Yay!

Trisha said...

Sounds like a terrific setting. I love Tennessee. I live across the state line in Mississippi. The Tennessee/Mississippi state line was wild back in the day when Buford Pusser was sheriff and the Dixie Mafia very active in the area.

LuAnn said...

I really like the Jan Karon Mitford series. They are a great set of books that take place in a small town. And funny, too. The characters remind me of people I've known and that makes the stories even more endearing.

Magdalena Scott said...

Thank you for stopping by, Trisha and LuAnn. Yes, Legend does have all those small town charms, and of course every story is a romance.

Be sure to visit legendtennessee.com. I love the tag line:

"Legend, Tennessee...where romance lives right next door."