July 12, 2009

Click to Give - Win a Prize

Click to Give is a quick and easy way to help six causes with a simple click of your mouse. By going to each of the tabbed causes and click on the “Click Here – It's Free!” box you can help sponsor a mammogram for an under-insured woman, help a child in need of health care (world-wide), give the value of 1.1 cups of food to the hungry, help a child attain literacy, help protect 11.4 square feet of rain forest, and give the value of .6 cups of food for rescued animals.
In addition to the free clicks, there are also hundreds of items available for sale in their stores. Not only do you help give to the causes when you purchase these items, you also help impoverished men and women all over the world who are often the craftsmen.

There are gifts for those who have everything. Don't know what to give Great-Aunt Matilda for Christmas? How about donating $14 in her name help feed a rescued horse? Or what about $24.50 for a Sterile Child Birthing Kit for a third world woman (where women often die from a simple infection after child birth)? Or $50 to make a trained mid-wife available for 10 pregnant women and their babies.

Other items in the stores range from jewelry to clothing to household items, many made from recycled material (purses made from rejected rice bags or beads made from magazine pages). The breast cancer tab has a whole shop on “pink ribbon” items.

I wasn't going to give a prize this month, but I think this site is important and want you to visit it. After you've visited the site, come back here and tell me the name of one item (any itme) they have for sale. That will enter in a special drawing for Victorian Bath Salts that I bought from the Click to Give Store.

I'll draw for the winner on August 30th, but those who enter between now and July 31st will have their name put in the pot twice!

On July 13th, I'm leaving for the RWA National Conference in Washington, DC, so won't be blogging again until after the 23rd. If you're attending, I hope to see you there! If you're not, have a wonderful week anyway!

Anna Kathryn Lanier
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Latesha said...

Anna~These are great causes and I try to make it there every day to clikc. I hope you have a great time in DC. Would have loved to have met you in person, but I won't be able to make the trip down there. See you when you get back.

Laura Ann Ford said...

What an awesome site! Thanks so much for letting us know about it. They are all great causes but since I lost my cousin to breast cancer in March, I like the pink ribbon items best. The Angel of Hope Cell Phone Charm would have to my favorite.
Thanks again for sharing this.

LuAnn said...

I've visited that site before and it's always a great idea to click on any or all of the spots! I really like the new Sterling Elegance Peace Sign Bookmark listed in the new items in the literacy section.

robynl said...

Night Flight Butterflies Garden Flag is awesome; I'd love one.

Dear to my heart is the Breast Cancer site having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May this year and the dog site as I am a dog lover.

Caffey said...

Hi Anna! miss visiting! I haven't been on as much with the heat, which I don't tolerate well and a laptop heat doesn't help either!

These are beautiful causes that is needed all year round. I didn't know they had a site that directed to more of the click here needs, so thanks!

Virginia said...

Women's "Courage" Pink Ribbon Walking Shoes, I kind of like these! I have been to the site several times and made my click. This is a wonderful thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm clicking!!!

Anonymous said...

My sister in law will love the cancer ribbon purse! I'm back to see what else people in my family will like.

Hywela Lyn said...

Thank you for highlighting this great site - I click every day on each cause, only a few seconds yet it can help make a difference. I've bought several things off the site too - unfortunately they've changed their checkout and it won't accept a UK crd, and they don't do PayPal, so I'm unable to make any more purchases at present.

Have a grat trip!