March 8, 2009

Western Words 3 Answers - Guest Blogger Terry Spears

How'd you do with Wester Words 3? Here's the correct answers. Thanks for everyone who tried to guess!

1. Calico - C. A woman.
2. Fannin' on her fat - J. Slapping the side of a horse with one's hat.
3. Sand cutter. - E. A native of Kansas.
4. Race A. - A crooked blaze on a horses forehead.
5. Bulge - I. To appear suddenly.
6. Music roots - D. Sweet potatoes.
7. Axle grease - B. Butter.
8. Throw lead - G. The act of shooting a gun.
9. Wassup - H. A nickname for an outlaw horse.
10. Long-haired partner. - F. What a cowman sometimes calls his wife.

On Monday, March 9th, Terry Spears will guest blog for me:

Award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historical romantic suspense, Heart of the Wolf just named in Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR, NOR Reader Choice for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE.

Terry Spear also writes true stories for adult and young adult audiences. She’s a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has an MBA from Monmouth University and a Bachelors in Business and Distinguished Military Graduate of West Texas A & M. She also creates award-winning teddy bears, Wilde & Woolly Bears, to include personalized bears designed to commemorate authors’ books. When she’s not writing or making bears, she’s teaching online writing courses.

Originally from California, she’s lived in eight states and now resides in the heart of Texas. She is the author of Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf, Temptation of the Wolf, Allure of the Wolf, Winning the Highlander’s Heart, Deadly Liaisons, The Vampire…In My Dreams (young adult), Deidre's Secret (young adult), The Accidental Highland Hero (2010) and numerous articles and short stories for magazines.

Check out more on Terry at

Stop by on the 9th and tell Terry hi!

Anna Kathryn

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