August 31, 2012

Online Class - Pioneering Women of the West

Pioneering Women of the West
By Anna Kathryn Lanier

Fascinating Women – Fascinating Lives

September 4-30, 2011
Hearts Through History RWA’s Campus

The West was discovered by men looking for adventure and fortune.   But it was civilized by women who brought families, schools, churches, and stability to the area.

In PIONEERING WOMEN OF THE WEST, you’ll learn about the western movement, the treacherous journey hundreds of thousands people took and of the lives of specific women who helped shape the West, intentionally or not. Some women went looking for a better life; others followed their man into the wilderness. 

There will be three lectures a week, with time for questions and answers and additional research on the participants’ part.


September 4-9: Introductions; Syllabus; Western Movement overview
September 10-16: Who Went; Westward Ho!: Getting Started; Keturah Belknap
September 17-23: The Women: Mail-order Brides; Teachers; Doctors
September 24-30: Off the Beaten Path: Makers and Shakers; Miscellaneous 


Anna Kathryn Lanier fell into the Western Movement by accident, but just like those mountain men and brave women of the 19th Century, Anna Kathryn was bitten by the Western bug, too.  Research naturally followed her interest and though she doesn’t claim to be an expert, she knows just enough to get her into trouble.

Anna Kathryn is published in both contemporary and historical Westerns with The Wild Rose Press.  Visit her at and

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