June 4, 2011

Saturday's Salacious Suggestions

Made in the Shade
by Téa Trelawny
an erotic fantasy novella


“Allow me the opportunity to explain things to you,” he said, and his breath touched her lips again.

In her surprise at his nearness, her lower lip parted from her upper, and she felt his breath slip inside to caress her tongue. She tasted something softly exotic, something that made it difficult for her to think. Her own breathing slowed and deepened. It was as if her body instinctively tried to draw his flavor deeper inside her. Golden threads brightened within the brown irises of his eyes, and his face moved closer. Her vision blurred until all she could see was gold and brown swirling in a haze before her. Then his lips touched hers, and the flavor she had sampled filled her.

A purr rumbled up the column of her throat and she melted against him, indulging in the softest and most sensual kiss of her life. His mouth moved over hers with an assurance that enticed her to surrender completely. Giving herself over to the kiss, she closed her eyes. That golden-brown haze remained, coloring her eyelids and filling her head as their lips blended. The tip of his tongue slid over hers, lapping in gentle exploration before winding around hers. He tasted so good—manly and mysterious…and what his kiss was doing to her body. This stranger was…


It took a powerful effort, but Megan pulled back and forced her eyes open. She had to blink several times as the lovely haze dissipated. Gradually, she realized that she was not only in his arms but she was embracing him back. How had that happened? How had she succumbed so easily to this stranger—this man who might be guilty of kidnapping?

Made in the Shade by Téa Trelawny, available at http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9312-made-in-the-shade.aspx  


marybelle said...

Fabulous excerpt. That's a very HOT cover.


Becky said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Téa Trelawny is a new author to me. This book sounds really good.

Tea Trelawny said...

Thanks so much, Anna, for posting an excerpt from Made in the Shade. And Marybelle and Becky--I appreciate your comments. Writing this book was a lot of fun. I hope to write another book about the Central Park Fae soon.