June 16, 2011

New Me - Fruits and Vegetables

A few weeks ago, I started My Fitness Pal and a 1200 calorie diet. I sorta stick to that…1200 calories is NOT a lot of food. But as I said last week (or think I said) I am eating healthier and pay more attention to what I do eat. I did, I confess, eat a cheeseburger yesterday. It was good. So were the onion rings. I went over my calorie intake, but I ate right the rest of the day (and it was a Junior Burger).

In Tuesday’s Houston Chronicle was a great article called “Eating a Rainbow of Healthy Food,” because June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Alas, I can’t find the article on the Internet. Too bad, cause I could have linked dozens of people to that article! The author points out that My Plate, the new USDA’s graph that replaced the Food Pyramid suggests that we fill half our plate with fruits and vegetables. Fresh, canned, frozen, dried or 100% juice…they all count. Okay, I admit, I still don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. But I’m trying to add more!

Anyway, I went in search of websites that explain “Eating a Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables.” Here’s what I found:

From the North Dakota State University – What Color is Your Food? It includes a box with serving sizes: one large banana, one small apple, 12 baby carrots, 2 cups raw greens, etc. It also has lists of fruits and vegetables under each color and what benefits each color has.

Here’s a blog post at Smithsonian.com – The Plate as a Palette. The blogger discusses “an intriguing event that combined art and cuisine.” Maybe something you can do small scale at home with the kiddies.

And speaking of kiddies, Preschoolrocks.com has Eat the Rainbow Game. And here’s a PDF activity guide for teachers and parents from the Mississippi Community Education Center, Eat a Rainbow Every Day.

So, what’s your favorite fruit and vegetable? I’ll start – I love apricots and carrots. Hmmm, both yellow/orange. I need to branch out.

Oh, I meant to mention this on last week's blog....I also participate in Daily Challenge, which is somehow connected to Facebook. It's a fun activity that helps you think about your overall health. Each day, you'll be sent a 'challenge' to your email.  Wednesday's challenge was to eat a 'red' fruit or vegetable.  Other challenges have been checking the quality of your water, walking the perimeter of a building, block, etc.  You earn points and pass levels with each challenge you do.  Check it out, it's free and it's fun.

Anna Kathryn

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods


marybelle said...

1200 calories is NOT a lot, but good on you. I tend to do as the healthy, healthy ads say on TV. I swap: large for small, sitting for walking etc. It's an unobtrusive change in lifestyle.

Emma Lai said...

I can't imagine 1200 calories. Iain eats more than that...of course, he's a growing boy. He eats 5 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. He's inspired me to up my fruit intake--though I still can't keep up with him.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

I tell you, it's hard. I like to eat almongs, filling, but also almost 200 calories in 27 grams....yes, I measure it out! It makes you aware of what a 'serving' is.

Emma, how old is Iain now, 18 months? I'm glad you're starting him out right with the f&v.

Becky said...

1200 calories isn't a lot, but that's what mine is suppose to be too if I went by calories. I normally try to eat healthy, but sometimes don't. My favorite fruit is an apple and my favorite vegetable is a carrot. Since summer is here, I will start eating more fruit.

Emma Lai said...

Iain is 21 months old. He's loved fruit since he was 9 months old. I have pictures of him covered in plum. He loves to go out in the garden and eat beans and cucumbers straight off the vine.

dragonfly said...

Oh, my poor baby! I agree that 1200 calories isn't much. In fact, it could be consumed in one great big fast food meal without much strain. I have to watch the sodas, particularly in the summertime when I am always thirsty. I found some delicious "vitamin waters" that have zero calories and actually taste good so I have stocked up on those. They taste better than the powdered stuff to add to bottled water. The main thing is, I will drink it. Hoping to shed a few right along with you.
~June/J.D. Faver