February 20, 2010

A New Me - Part 2

Yes, I know....I've skipped a few weeks in this 'new me' discussion.  Basically because there wasn't much to tell.  Although I could have blogged about the broken machine.  I'll give you a quick rundown on that right now.  As you may know, I got an elliptical mahcine for Christmas. My husband put it together on Christmas Day.  Three weeks later, on Jan.13th, it broke.  The locking bolt sheared off.  My husband got a bolt from work and replaced it,but three days later on Saturday, Jan. 16th, it broke again.  This time we noted that the barings were warped.  So, I sent an email to the company.  This was Martin Luther King holiday weekend, so I didn't hear from them until Tuesday.  Instead of just sending me the parts, they wanted me to fax all kinds of information.  My husband did this on Thursday, but the two faxes he sent never arrived.  He resent them the next day.  Well, there was still a bit of a delay, but a Tech finally came out on Feb. 4th to fix the machine.  Huh!  It squealed like a stuck pig and the Tech said, "oh, the belt's really worn."  On a 3 week machine?  And he left.  I didn't try the machine until Feb. 6th and discovered that the belt still squealed, that the pedals moved in a jerky motion and that the control panel didn't work.  So, I sent another email to the service person I'd been working with, explaining the problems I still had.  That was on Feb. 7th. I tried the machine again on Feb. 9th, lo and behold, nothing had changed. I heard nothing from him. On Feb. 10th, I went back to the company's site and sent an email through their 'contact us' page.  I started it with 'Let's get one thing straight from the beginning, I AM NOT HAPPY....AT ALL.' I then asked if they thought ignoring my emails would make me happier?  I sent this email about 8:00 at night, so didn't expect a reply right away....and I didn't get it.

But the next day, Thursday, Feb. 11th, I got two phone messages and two emails, one from a Vice-President and one from the the customer service manager.  I called the customer service manager after I got home from my subbing job.  The conversation ended when the manager said, "okay, the Tech's been out already.  Let's just exchange the machine."  Sounds good to me.  I took the machine back to Academy Sports and Outdoors on Feb. 14th and exchanged it. My husband put the new one together on the Feb. 15th and I've used it twice since then (I know, not a good record).  It's wonderful.  There's a huge difference between the old one and this one. 

So, my update is, for a month, I haven't exercised and I havne't stuck hard to the diet.  But I have watched what I ate and I have maintained the few pounds weight loss I achieved already. 

So, how are you all doing with your goals?  Maintaining? Slipping?  It's okay to slip, just get back on track as soon as you can.

Here's the reason for my goal ... my youngest daughter is getting married in May. On Monday, I bought my dress, as size 14.  I hope I have to take it in.  It's a loose fit right now, but not too bad.  BTW, I got this dress as a bargain.  It was $228, on sale for $99.99, but since it was President's Day, they had an additional 50% off sale, so I got it for $49.99!

Anna Kathryn Lanier

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Virginia said...

I love the dress! Hang in there with the diet and exercise, I know with me and exercise if I stop for just a few days its hard for me to get back started into the exercise. This past week I did try to do some each day, but have stopped this weekend! I will be glad when the weather get nice enough for me to go out for walks. It has reached the 40's the past two days but have been busy with other things through the day. Husbands truck broke down and we are trying to get it fixed.

I think its going to let me post this time. My word verification through google is showing now.

Virginia said...

Yes, Yes, Yes it let me post!

Virginia said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my e-mail!

Virginia said...

Boy I am with it today! Seems like I have to sign out of google then sign back in somewhere else to post here.


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Gald you made it, Virginia! Thanks for stopping by, especially given all the trouble you had to go through to visit.